Assault rifles are full-length, select fire rifles that are chambered for an intermediate-power rifle cartridge that use a detachable magazine. Assault rifles are currently the standard service rifles in most modern militaries. Some rifles listed below, such as the AR15, also come in semi-auto models that would not belong under the term "assault rifle."


By strict definition, a firearm must have the following characteristics to be considered an assault rifle:[1][page needed][2][page needed][3][page needed]

Rifles that meet most of these criteria, but not all, are technically not assault rifles, despite frequently being called such.

For example:

Several of the rifles on the below list have non-assault rifle variants. Because they lack the selective fire capability as they only fire semi-automatic even though it fulfils the other requirements of the definition above.


Name Manufacturer Image Cartridge Manufacturing country Year made
9A-91 KBP Instrument Design Bureau 9×39mm  Soviet Union 1991
AAC Honey Badger Advanced Armament Corporation .300 AAC Blackout  United States 2011
AAI ACR AAI Corporation 5.56×45mm sub-calibre flechette  United States 1989
ArmaLite AR-15 Armalite, Colt 5.56×45mm NATO, 223 Remington  United States 1956
ArmaLite AR-18 ArmaLite 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 1963
ACR Remington Arms
5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 United States 2006
ADS KBP Instrument Design Bureau 5.45×39mm
5.45×39mm PSP
 Russia 2007
AEK-971 Degtyarev plant 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1978
AG-043 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1974
AO-63 assault rifle TsNIITochMash 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1984
Automatkarbin 5 Förenade Fabriksverken 5.56×45mm NATO  Sweden 1982
AK-9 Kalashnikov Concern 9×39mm  Russia 2000s
AK201, AK202, AK204
Kalashnikov Concern

5.45×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm  Russia 2010
AK-47 Kalashnikov Concern 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1946
AK-63 Fegyver- és Gépgyár 7.62×39mm  Hungary 1977
AK-74 Kalashnikov Concern 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1974
AK-100 rifle family
Kalashnikov Concern 5.45×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm  Russia 1994
AK-107 Kalashnikov Concern 5.45×39mm

5.56×45mm NATO

 Russia 1990s
AKM Izhmash
Tula Arms Plant
7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1950s
AMD-65 Fegyver- és Gépgyár 7.62×39mm  Hungary 1965
AMP-69 Fegyver- és Gépgyár 7.62×39mm  Hungary 1970–1985
AN-94 Izhmash 5.45×39mm  Russia 1994
Yevgeny Dragunov 5.45x39mm (AM17), 9x39mm (AMB17)  Russia 2015
AO-27 rifle 7.62 mm (3 mm flechette)  Soviet Union 1961
AO-35 assault rifle 5.45×39mm
 Soviet Union 1968?
AO-38 assault rifle TsNIITochMash 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1965
AS-44 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1944
APS-95 Končar-Arma d.o.o 5.56×45mm NATO  Croatia 1995
APS underwater rifle Tula Arms Plant
5.66×39mm  Soviet Union 1970s
AS Val TsNIITochMash 9×39mm  Soviet Union 1987
ASM-DT amphibious rifle Tula Arms Plant 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1990s
Barrett REC7
Barrett M468
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 United States 2007
Beretta AR70/90 Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta 5.56×45mm NATO  Italy 1985
Beretta ARX160 Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 Italy 2008
BSA 28P Birmingham Small Arms Company .280 British  United Kingdom 1949
BR18 ST Kinetics 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 Singapore 2012
Breda PG Breda 6.5×52mm Carcano
7×57mm Mauser
 Italy 1935
Bushmaster M4 Type Carbine Bushmaster Firearms International .223 Remington
5.56x45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 United States 1990s
Chropi rifle Chropei 7.62×39mm  Greece 1975
CEAM Modèle 1950 Atelier Mécanique de Mulhouse .30 Carbine
7.92×33mm Kurz
 France 1949
CETME Model A Empresa Nacional Santa Bárbara 7.92x41mm CETME  Spain 1954
CETME Model B CETME 7.62×51mm CETME  Spain
CETME Model L CETME 5.56×45mm NATO  Spain 1981
Close Quarters Battle Receiver Colt's Manufacturing Company 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 1999
Colt ACR Colt's Manufacturing Company 5.56×45mm M855 or Duplex  United States 1982
Cristóbal Carbine Armería San Cristóbal Weapon Factory .30 Carbine  Dominican Republic 1950
Diemaco C7
Diemaco C8
Colt Canada, Diemaco 5.56×45mm NATO  Canada 1982
Colt CM901 Colt Defense 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 United States 2010s
Colt MARS Colt 5.56×30mm Mars  United States 1997
CZ 805 BREN/ CZ 805 BREN 2 Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod 5.56×45mm NATO, 7,62×39mm  Czech Republic 2009
ČZ 2000 Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod 5.56×45mm NATO  Czechoslovakia 1990
Daewoo K1 S&T Motiv 5.56×45mm NATO  South Korea 1972
Dasan Machineries K16 Dasan Machineries 5.56×45mm NATO  South Korea 2020
Desert Tech MDR Desert Tech .223 Remington
5.56×45mm NATO
.223 Wylde
.308 Winchester
7.62×51mm NATO
 United States 2014
Dlugov assault rifle 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1953
EM-2 rifle Royal Small Arms Factory
7 mm Mk1Z (7×43mm)  United Kingdom 1948
Excalibur rifle Armament Research and Development Establishment 5.56×45mm NATO  India 2013–14
EMER K1 Myanmar Fritz Werner Industries 5.56×45mm NATO  Burma 1990s
Fateh Defense Industries Organization 5.56×45mm NATO  Iran 2014
FAMAS Nexter 5.56×45mm NATO  France 1967
FARA 83 Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Domingo Matheu 5.56×45mm NATO  Argentina 1981
FB Beryl Łucznik Arms Factory 5.56×45mm NATO  Poland 1995
FB MSBS FB "Łucznik" Radom 5.56×45mm NATO


 Poland 2016
FB Tantal Łucznik Arms Factory 5.45×39mm  Poland 1981
CAL Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium 1963
F2000 Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium 1995
FNC Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium 1975
SCAR FN Herstal 5.56×45mm NATO  Belgium 2004
FX-05 Xiuhcoatl Dirección General de Industria Militar del Ejército 5.56×45mm NATO  Mexico 2005
Galil Córdova Indumil 5.56×45mm NATO
 Colombia 2015
Grad AR State Factories-North Ossetia 6×49mm
 South Ossetia 2010
Grossfuss Sturmgewehr 7.92×33mm Kurz  Germany 1944
G11 Heckler & Koch 4.73×33mm  West Germany 1968
G36 Heckler & Koch 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany 1990
G41 Heckler & Koch 5.56×45mm NATO  West Germany 1984
HK33 Heckler & Koch 5.56×45mm NATO  West Germany 1960s
HK36 Heckler & Koch 4.6×36 mm  West Germany 1970s
M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
Heckler & Koch 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany 2004
HK433 Heckler & Koch
HK-433 Blackout
HK-433 Blackout
5.56×45mm NATO  Germany 2017
Type 20 Howa 5.56×45mm NATO  Japan 2020
Type 89 Howa 5.56×45mm NATO  Japan 1989
VHS HS Produkt 5.56×45mm NATO  Croatia 2005
MD97 IMBEL 5.56×45mm NATO  Brazil 1997
IA2 IMBEL 5.56×45mm NATO  Brazil 2012
T4 Taurus 5.56×45mm NATO  Brazil 2017
Thompson Light Rifle Auto Ordnance .30 Carbine  United States 1941
Galil Israel Military Industries 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel 1972
Tavor TAR21 Israel Weapon Industries 5.56×45mm NATO  Israel 1995
IWI Tavor X95 Israel Weapon Industries 5.56×45mm NATO
.300 AAC Blackout
5.56×30mm MINSAS
 Israel 2003
IFAR 22 PT Republik Armamen Industri 5.56×45mm NATO  Indonesia 2022
Ingram FBM Fabrica Boliviana de Municiones 5.56×45mm NATO  Bolivia 1990s
INSAS rifle[6] Ordnance Factories Board 5.56×45mm NATO  India 1998
Interdynamics MKS Interdynamics 5.56×45mm NATO  Sweden 1979
IWI ACE Israel Weapons Industries 5.56×45mm NATO
 Israel 2008
KH-2002 Khaybar DIO 5.56×45mm NATO  Iran 2003
Kbkg wz. 1960 7.62×39mm  Poland 1960
Komodo Armament D5 Komodo Armament[7] 5.56×45mm NATO  Indonesia 2014(?)
L64/65 RSAF Enfield 4.85×49mm  United Kingdom 1972
SA80 BAE Systems 5.56×45mm NATO  United Kingdom 1970s
Leader Dynamics Series T2 MK5 Leader Dynamics
Australian Automatic Arms
5.56×45mm NATO  Australia 1978
LF-58 .30 Carbine  Italy 1950s
LR-300 Z-M Weapons 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 2000
LSAT rifle LSAT caseless ammunition  United States 2008
LWRC M6 LWRC International 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 2006
LVOA-C War Sport Industries 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 2018
CAR-15 XM177
Colt Advanced Piston Carbine
M4 Commando
Colt Defense

5.56×45mm NATO  United States 1959
MPT-55 MKEK, Sarsılmaz Arms and Kalekalıp 7.62×39mm

5.56×45mm NATO

 Turkey 2017
Masaf rifle 5.56×45mm NATO  Iran 2020
M4-WAC-47 Ukroboronprom
5.56×45mm NATO
 Ukraine 2018
MK 556 C.G. Haenel 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany 2020
Modern Sub Machine Carbine Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited
Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited
5.56×30mm MINSAS  India 2005
Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
 India 2012
Nesterov assault rifle 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1961
Norinco CQ Norinco 5.56×45mm NATO  China 1980s
OTs-12 Tiss KBP Instrument Design Bureau 9×39mm  Russia 1990s
OTs-14 Groza TsKIB SOO 9×39mm
 Russia 1994
Pindad SS1 Pindad 5.56×45mm NATO  Indonesia 1991
Pindad SS2 Pindad 5.56×45mm NATO  Indonesia 2005
Pindad AM1 Pindad 5.56×45mm NATO  Indonesia 2022
Pistol Mitralieră model 1963/1965 ROMARM 7.62×39mm  Romania 1963–1965
Pușcă Automată model 1986 ROMARM 5.45×39mm  Romania 1986
PVAR rifle United Defense Manufacturing Corporation 5.56×45mm NATO  Philippines 2011
QBZ-95 Norinco 5.8×42mm5.56×45mm NATO  China 1995
QBZ-03 Norinco 5.8×42mm
5.56×45mm NATO
 China 2003
QTS-11 Norinco 5.8×42mm  China 2015
QBZ-191 Norinco 5.8×42mm  China 2019
Remington R4 Remington Arms 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 2010
Remington R5 RGP Remington Arms 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 2010
Rk 62 Valmet
7.62×39mm  Finland 1962
Rk 95 TP SAKO 7.62×39mm  Finland 1990
Robinson Armament XCR Robinson Armament Co 5.56×45mm NATO
6.8mm Remington SPC
6.5mm Grendel
.260 Remington
 United States 2004
SEAL Recon Rifle NAVSEA 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 1993
S&T Daewoo K11 S&T Motiv 5.56×45mm NATO  South Korea 2000
S&T STG16 S&T Motiv 5.56×45mm  South Korea 2016
Sa vz. 58 Česká zbrojovka 7.62×39mm  Czechoslovakia 1956
SAR 80 Chartered Industries of Singapore (now known as ST Kinetics) 5.56×45mm NATO  Singapore 1976
SAR-21 ST Kinetics 5.56×45mm NATO  Singapore 1996
SIG Sauer 5.56×45mm NATO
.300 AAC Blackout (MCX),

.277 Fury (XM5 NGSW)

  Switzerland 2010s (MCX), 2019-Present (XM5 NGSW)
SIG Sauer SIG516 Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft 5.56×45mm NATO
.223 Remington
 United States 2000s
SIG SG 530 Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft 5.56×45mm NATO   Switzerland 1960s
SG540/SG543 Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft 5.56×45mm NATO   Switzerland 1970s
Swiss Arms AG 5.56×45mm NATO/5.6mm GP Pat 90   Switzerland 1970s
SOCIMI AR-831 Socimi
5.56×45mm NATO  Italy 1985
Special Operations Assault Rifle Ferfrans Specialties 5.56×45mm NATO  Philippines 2004
SR-3 Vikhr Tula Arms Plant 9×39mm  Soviet Union 1990s
SR 88 Chartered Industries of Singapore (now known as ST Kinetics) 5.56×45mm NATO  Singapore 1978
Sterling SAR-87 Sterling Armaments Company 5.56×45mm NATO  United Kingdom 1980s
Steyr AUG Steyr Mannlicher 5.56×45mm NATO  Austria 1977
Steyr ACR Steyr Mannlicher 5.56×45mm annular-primed SCF  Austria 1987
STV series rifle Z111 Factory 7.62×39mm  Vietnam 2019
STL-1A Z111 Factory 7.62×39mm  Vietnam 2015
Stoner 63 Cadillac Gage 5.56×45mm NATO  United States 1962
Sturmgewehr 44 C.G. Haenel 7.92×33mm Kurz  Germany 1942
StG 45(M) Mauser 7.92×33mm Kurz  Germany 1944
T65 assault rifle 205th Armory 5.56×45mm NATO  Republic of China 1976
T86 assault rifle 205th Armory 5.56×45mm NATO  Republic of China 1992
T91 assault rifle 205th Armory 5.56×45mm NATO  Republic of China 2002
TKB-072 Tula Arms Plant 5.45×39mm  Soviet Union 1975
TKB-517 Tula Arms Plant 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union 1952
Type 56 assault rifle Norinco 7.62×39mm  China 1956
Type 63 assault rifle 7.62×39mm  China 1959
Type 81 assault rifle 7.62×39mm  China 1971
Type 58 assault rifle 7.62×39mm  North Korea 1958
Norinco Type 86S Norinco 7.62×39mm  China 1980s
VAHAN 5.45×39mm  Armenian SSR 1952
Valmet M76 Valmet 5.56×45mm NATO
 Finland 1970s
Valmet M82 Valmet 5.56×45mm NATO
 Finland 1978
VB Berapi LP06 Vita Berapi 5.56×45mm NATO  Malaysia 2006
Vektor CR-21 Denel 5.56×45mm NATO  South Africa 1997
Vektor R4 Denel Land Systems 5.56×45mm NATO  South Africa 1976
Vepr National Space Agency 5.45×39mm  Ukraine 2001
Malyuk Krasyliv Assembly Manufacturing Plant 5.45×39mm

5.56×45mm NATO 7.62×39mm

 Ukraine 2015
M1944 Hyde Carbine .30 Carbine  United States 1944
Wieger StG-940 5.56×45mm NATO
 East Germany 1980s
Wimmersperg Spz 7.92×33mm Kurz  Germany 1944
XM8 rifle Heckler & Koch 5.56×45mm NATO  Germany
 United States
XT-97 Assault Rifle 205th Armory 5.56×45mm NATO
 Republic of China 2008
XM29 OICW Heckler & Koch
Alliant Techsystems
5.56×45mm NATO  Germany
 United States
Zastava M21 Zastava Arms 5.56×45mm NATO  Serbia 2004
Zastava M70 Zastava Arms 7.62×39mm  Yugoslavia 1964
Zastava M80 Zastava Arms 5.56×45mm NATO  Yugoslavia 1978
Zastava M90 Zastava Arms 5.56×45mm NATO  Serbia 1990

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