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In firearms,Tapering refers to components that narrow down, similar to that of a conical fashion hence the name taper.[1][2][3][4]


Tapered barrel of a cannon.

In barrels, this centralises mass to the operator. Not only to reduce weight from the muzzle but also to increase accuracy/acquisition and stabilise the balance handling of the weapon. Also the fact that chamber pressures are higher at the rear of the barrel.


Tapered bore.

Main article: Squeeze bore

In rifling, a Tapered bore/Conical bore is where the caliber narrows off to increase velocity of the round.


Tapered rifle cartridge.

In cartridges, this usually helps in chambering/unloading the weapon. This differs than shouldering/bottlenecking[5] as this only refers to the case head of the cartridge that holds the projectile, whereas tapering usually refers to the angled sides of the cartridge.

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