Cover of Warlock magazine #3 (1984).
Art by Terry Oakes.
CategoriesAdventure gamebook
FrequencyQuarterly then bimonthly
First issue1984
Final issue
December 1986
CountryUnited Kingdom

Warlock was a British magazine published by Penguin Books and game manufacturer Games Workshop between 1984 and 1986. The primary focus of the magazine was fantasy, with emphasis on the Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebook series.

Publication history

The magazine was established by Fighting Fantasy creators Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, running for 13 issues from 1984 until December 1986. Jackson and Livingstone were the editors until issue 10 and then editors-in-chief, with Marc Gascoigne as editor. The desk editor for the first five issues was Philippa Dickinson.[1] Warlock was published in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, where the title had an extended run before ceasing publication in 1997.[2]

Regular features included announcements, cartoons, competitions, interviews, maps of the Fighting Fantasy world, mini-adventures including abbreviated versions of Caverns of the Snow Witch and House of Hell[3] with different artwork, a monster bestiary (becoming the basis for the Fighting Fantasy title Out of the Pit) and miniature figure tutorials.


Issue Title Author(s) Illustrator(s) Sections Published
1 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part I Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Russ Nicholson 273 1984
2 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part II Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Russ Nicholson 127 1984
2 Caverns of the Snow Witch Ian Livingstone Duncan Smith 190 1984
3 The House of Hell Steve Jackson Tim Sell 185 1984
4 The Dervish Stone Paul Struth Tim Sell 200 1985
5 Dungeon of Justice Jonathan Ford John Blanche and Bob Harvey 200 1985
6 The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis Andrew Whitworth Mark Dunn, Bill Houston and Trevor Hammond 200 1985
7 The Temple of Testing A. E. Arkle John Glentoran 200 1985
8 The Floating City Ruth Pracy Pete Martin 200 1986
9 Fortress Throngard Tom Williams Leo Hartas 172 1986
10 Rogue Mage Graeme Davis Tony Ackland and Pete Martin 200 1986
11 The Land of Changes Ruth Pracy Pete Martin 200 1986
12 Deadline to Destruction Gavin Shute David Stevens 200 1986
13 The Temple of the Pharoah Tom Williams Dave Carson 194 1986


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