Widowmaker, from Dynamo 5 #11 (March 2008). Art by Mahmud A. Asrar.
Publication information
PublisherImage Comics
First appearanceNoble Causes #18 (March 2006)
Created byJay Faerber
Fran Bueno
In-story information
Alter egoUnknown
Team affiliationsHunter Blackthorne.
AbilitiesProfessional assassin; Martial arts.

Widowmaker is a fictional comic book super-villain, appearing the Image Comics series Noble Causes and Dynamo 5. Created by writer Jay Faerber and artist Fran Bueno, Widowmaker first appeared in Noble Causes #18 (March 2006[1]), in which she was hired to assassinate Captain Dynamo, which she did with poison. She then took a job from Hunter Blackthorne to attack Race and Liz Noble, only to be double-crossed by the Blackthornes. She spent some time in hiding in a safehouse provided by Slate Blackthorne.[2][3] Eventually, the person who hired her to kill Captain Dynamo hired her to kill Dynamo 5. To that end, she has formed alliances with various super-criminals in order to fulfill her contract.