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Wikipedia takes copyright law very seriously. File description pages are tagged with the license and the source of the file. This makes it as easy as possible for readers, Wikipedians, IP addresses and creators of derivative works to know what they can and can't do with the files in our encyclopedia.


List of file copyright tags

Note: A file released under an unnamed license, or under a named license not included in the links above, may still be suitable for Wikipedia. Copyright tags indicating more general usage rights can be found in the copyright template category to which this page belongs.

For image creators

If you are the creator of a file, you can choose any acceptable free license. You can multi-license your file under different licenses, if you prefer. The license must not prevent commercial reuse or derivative works.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
This is one of several CC licenses. This version permits free use, including commercial use; requires that you be attributed as the creator; and requires that any derivative creator or redistributor of your work use the same license. The desired attribution text should be included as a parameter in the template.
Similar to the above, but does not require that derivative works use the same license.
Free Art license ((FAL)) A copyleft license for artwork; modification and commercial use area always allowed, provided derivative works carry the same license.
Attribution ((Attribution)) The copyright holder allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed.
Copyrighted Free Use ((CopyrightedFreeUse-Link
 |[http://... Your website]))
Same as above, but attribution is not required. However, as a courtesy, you would appreciate a link back to Your website.
Public domain ((PD-self)), ((CC0)) The creator permanently relinquishes all rights to the work.
Wikipedia ((Wikipedia-screenshot)) For screenshots of Wikipedia pages.

Creating new tags

If you are uploading many files with the same source and license, you can create a new copyright tag. Please propose the tag on Wikipedia talk:File copyright tags. If you are not familiar with how to create templates which add images to categories, please ask for assistance.

Each template should have a corresponding category that automatically contains all the files tagged with the template. On the description page for the category include the following:

((File template notice|name-of-the-tag))

where name-of-the-tag is replaced with the actual name of the tag. In addition, include the template in the category Wikipedia file copyright templates by adding the following:

<noinclude>[[Category:Wikipedia file copyright templates|((PAGENAME))]]</noinclude>

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