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WinZip 26 running in Windows 10 with a ribbon
Original author(s)WinZip International LLC
Developer(s)Corel Corporation
Initial releaseApril 3, 1991; 31 years ago (1991-04-03)
Stable release(s)
Windows26.0.14610[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 31 August 2021; 8 months ago (31 August 2021)
macOS9.0.5520[2] Edit this on Wikidata / May 2021; 12 months ago (May 2021)
iOS7.1[3] Edit this on Wikidata / 13 May 2021; 12 months ago (13 May 2021)
Android6.2.2[4] Edit this on Wikidata / 18 March 2022; 58 days ago (18 March 2022)
Operating systemWindows, macOS, iOS and Android
Size57.13 MB
Available in12 languages
List of languages
English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Czech
TypeFile archiver
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WinZip is a trialware file archiver and compressor for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It is developed by WinZip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing), which is owned by Corel Corporation. The program can create archives in Zip file format, unpack some other archive file formats and it also has various tools for system integration.



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WinZip 1.0 was released in April 1991 as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end for PKZIP.[6] Earlier in January 1991 Nico Mak Computing had released a GUI front-end for OS/2 Presentation Manager called PMZIP. It used the OS/2 versions of the PKWARE, Inc. PKZIP and PKUNZIP programs. Originally released on CompuServe, availability of WinZip expanded across major online services, including GEnie, Prodigy and other online services. In 1993, WinZip announced the launch of its official support for customers on the Windows Utility Forum, serving over 100,000 members, providing updates and related information. The freely downloadable WinZip soon found itself included in best-selling Windows computing titles as part of companion disks, including the all-time best-selling Windows 3.0 book, Windows Secrets, by Brian Livingston. By 1994, WinZip had become the official and required compression tool used by system operators on CompuServe for forum file libraries.

Starting from version 5.0 in 1993, the creators of WinZip incorporated compression code from the Info-ZIP project, thus eliminating the need for the PKZIP executable to be present.

Former WinZip icon
Former WinZip icon

From version 6.0 until version 9.0, registered users could download the newest versions of the software, enter their original registration information or install over the top of their existing registered version, and thereby obtain a free upgrade. This upgrade scheme was discontinued as of version 10.0.[7] WinZip is available in standard and professional versions. However, the shell in Windows ME and later versions of Microsoft Windows has the ability to open and create .zip files (titled "compressed folders"), which reduces the need for extra compression software.

On May 2, 2006, WinZip Computing was acquired by Corel Corporation using the proceeds from its initial public offering.[8][9]

WinZip 1.0 for Mac OS X was released in November 2010. This version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and Intel-based v10.5 "Leopard" Macs.[citation needed] WinZip Mac Edition 2 includes support for OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion".

Supported .ZIP archive features

Release history

WinZip 17 Pro on Windows.
WinZip 17 Pro on Windows.


The ZIP file archive format (ZIP) was originally invented for MS-DOS in 1989 by Phil Katz.[13]

Seeing the need for an archive application with a Graphical User Interface, Nico Mak (then employed by Mansfield Software Group, Inc) developed the WinZip application for Microsoft Windows.

WinZip 1.0 was initial version for Windows.


WinZip 1.0 for Mac OS X (November 16, 2010): Initial release is compatible with Intel Macs and can be run on v10.5 'Leopard.'[17]


The iOS version was first released on February 17, 2012.[18][8] The free English app is designed for iOS 4.2 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is available on Apple's App Store.


WinZip Android was first released on June 19, 2012.[19] The free English app is designed for Android operating system versions 2.1 (Eclair), 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.x (Honeycomb), 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher, it was initially available at Google Play.

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