Country Germany
1943—44Paul Bader
1 August 1944 — 29 April 1945Ernst Von Leyser
29 April 1945 — 8 May 1945Hartwig von Ludwiger

The XXI Mountain Corps was a German military formation in World War II.

At the beginning of November 1944 the XXI Mountain Corps retreated from Albania to Podgorica in Montenegro.[1] In mid-November they tried to break through Danilovgrad and Nikšić toward Sarajevo, but Yugoslav communist forces supported by two British artillery batteries, code-named Floydforce, stopped them after ten days fighting.[1] At the end of November 1944 they had to retreat through a much longer route, via Kolašin, Prijepolje and Višegrad.[1]


Hartwig von Ludwiger was put on the trial after WWII and hanged in 1947.[3]


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