Younger and Younger
Directed byPercy Adlon
Written by
  • Percy Adlon
  • Felix O. Adlon
Produced by
  • Eleonore Adlon
  • Percy Adlon
CinematographyBernd Heinl
Edited bySuzanne Fenn
Music by
Distributed byTransmundo Films (Argentina)
Release date
Running time
99 minutes
  • United States
  • Germany

Younger And Younger is a 1993 American comedy film co-written and directed by Percy Adlon and starring Donald Sutherland, Brendan Fraser and Lolita Davidovich.


Jonathan Younger owns a self-storage facility, and runs it with his wife Penny, with who he has a strained relationship. One day Penny, a plain and skittish woman, is startled by a great deal of noise Jonathan makes with an organ and dies from a heart attack.

Jonathan's college-aged son Winston returns home for the funeral and to help run the family business. While they interact with a number of quirky customers, Jonathan is haunted by the spirit of his late wife, who becomes increasingly attractive to him with each ghostly apparition.[1]



The summary of Leonard Klady's favorable Variety review reads "The iconoclastic oeuvre of Percy Adlon provides another unusual human comedy in "Younger and Younger." Superficially a family drama of an errant, philandering father, the yarn spins out from its simple premise into fantasy, music, black comedy and innumerable offbeat digressions. It’s a mad, wild souffle served up by actors at the top of their form."[2] Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Melissa Pierson differs: "When a film stuffed with this much talent goes straight to video, you might suspect something. And you’d be largely right. C− ."[3]

Awards and nominations

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Tokyo International Film Festival


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