1899 Irish local elections
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Leader John Dillon John Redmond Edward James Saunderson
Party Irish

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William O
Leader William O'Brien No
Party United

1899 Irish county council elections - Ward and Council Control.svg
Map showing control by county council, and affiliation of county councillors

The 1899 Irish local elections were the first local elections following the reorganisation of Irish local government caused by the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898. The 1898 Act had changed the nature of Irish local governance, replacing the unrepresentative grand jury system, and making local government more democratic and representative. As a result, the 1899 election saw the traditional Unionist Landowning class, which had previously dominated much of Irish local politics, being replaced by a newer nationalist representation. Ulster's local government, however, remained Unionist in political outlook.[1]

The elections also saw the expansion of Labour representation. In the 1898 elections, only Ulster had Unionist and unaligned Labourite Councillors. Following the election however the overall Labour representation increased to 303. Of these 303, 218 were nationalists (affiliated to an IPP faction), whilst 56 were extremist (with links to the IRB). There were 14 Unionist Labourites in Ulster, 4 in Munster, 2 in Leinster, 1 in Connaught, but none in Dublin.[2]

They were held in two stages:

Detailed results

County Councils

Authority UIL LEA U Independent Other Total Result Details
Antrim 21 21 Irish Unionist Details
Armagh 9 7 16 Irish Unionist Details
Carlow 1 18 19 Irish Nationalist Details
Cavan 20 20 Irish Nationalist Details
Clare 20 20 Irish Nationalist Details
Cork 32 32 Irish Nationalist Details
Donegal 2 18 20 Irish Nationalist Details
Down 15 6 21 Irish Unionist Details
Dublin County 6 14 20 Irish Nationalist Details
Fermanagh 10 10 20 No overall control Details
Galway 20 Irish Nationalist Details
Kerry 21 Irish Nationalist Details
Kildare 0 0 3 1 17 21 Irish Nationalist Details
Kilkenny 1 17 18 Irish Nationalist Details
Queen's County (Laois) 1 21 22 Irish Nationalist Details
Leitrim 18 18 Irish Nationalist Details
Limerick Irish Nationalist Details
Londonderry Irish Unionist Details
Longford Irish Nationalist Details
Louth 1 23 24 Irish Nationalist Details
Mayo Irish Nationalist Details
Meath Irish Nationalist Details
Monaghan 1 1 17 19 Irish Nationalist Details
King's County (Offaly) 1 1 2 17 21 Irish Nationalist Details[3]
Roscommon Irish Nationalist Details
Sligo Irish Nationalist Details
Tipperary Irish Nationalist Details
Tyrone 10 10 20 No overall control Details
Waterford Irish Nationalist Details
Westmeath Irish Nationalist Details
Wexford Irish Nationalist Details
Wicklow Irish Nationalist Details
Totals 113 546 659


Borough Councils

Authority UIL LEA U Independent Other Total Result Details
Belfast 12 Details
Cork Details
Dublin 27 8 7 0 18 60 Irish Nationalist Details
Limerick 24 16 40 LEA Details
Londonderry Details
Waterford Details

District Councils

Authority UIL LEA U Independent Other Total Result Details
Armagh UD Details
Castlebar UD 6 6 No overall control Details
Kilrush UD Details
Derry No. 1 RD Details
Derry No. 2 RD Details
Rathmines UD Details
Dublin South RD Details
Galway UD Details
Sligo UD Details
Totals 1,806


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