1926 United States Senate special election in North Dakota

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Nominee Gerald Nye L. B. Hanna C. P. Stone
Party Nonpartisan League Republican Independent Republican
Popular vote 79,709 59,499 19,586
Percentage 50.19% 37.46% 12.33%

U.S. senator before election

Gerald Nye

Elected U.S. Senator

Gerald Nye

The 1926 United States Senate special election in North Dakota took place on June 30, 1926. On June 22, 1925, Republican Senator Edwin F. Ladd died in office. Governor Arthur G. Sorlie appointed Gerald Nye, a former congressional candidate and a prominent progressive activist, to fill Ladd's vacancy. A special election and regularly scheduled election were scheduled for the same year, though the special election, to fill the remaining months Ladd's term, took place months before the regularly scheduled election.

Nye won the endorsement of the Nonpartisan League and rejected any efforts by the state Republican Party to nominate him.[1] Meanwhile, the Democratic Party opted not to run a candidate, instead fusing with the Republicans to support the anti-Nonpartisan League campaign of former Governor Louis B. Hanna.[2] Separately, C. P. Stone, a businessman, ran as an Independent Republican candidate. All of the nominations were conducted under conventions, not primaries, because the election was a special election. Ultimately, Nye won a full term over his opponents by a health margin, winning 50% of the vote to Hanna's 37% and Stone's 12%.

General election


1926 United States Senate special election in North Dakota[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Nonpartisan League Gerald Nye (inc.) 79,709 50.19%
Republican Louis B. Hanna 59,499 37.46% -22.15%
Independent Republican C. P. Stone 19,586 12.33%
Write-ins 20 0.01%
Majority 20,210 12.73% -6.50%
Turnout 158,814
Nonpartisan League hold


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