The 1945 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1945. The nine selectors recognized by the NCAA as "official" for the 1945 season are (1) Collier's Weekly, as selected by Grantland Rice, (2) the Associated Press, (3) the United Press, (4) the All-America Board, (5) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), (6) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), (7) the International News Service (INS), (8) Look magazine, (9) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA) and (10) the Sporting News.

Consensus All-Americans

For the year 1945, the NCAA recognizes 10 published All-American teams as "official" designations for purposes of its consensus determinations. The following chart identifies the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans and displays which first-team designations they received.

Name Position School Number Official selectors Other selectors
Glenn Davis Halfback Army 10/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, INS, LK, NEA, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL, NYS, OF, WC, YA
Doc Blanchard Fullback Army 10/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, INS, LK, NEA, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL NYS, OF, WC, YA
Tex Coulter Tackle Army 9/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL, NYS, OF, WC
Warren Amling Guard Ohio State 9/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, INS, LK, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL, NYS, OF, WC
Herman Wedemeyer Halfback St. Mary's (CA) 9/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, INS, LK, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL, OF, WC
John Green Guard Army 7/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, SN, UP CNS, NYS, OF, WC
George Savitsky Tackle Penn 7/10 AAB, AFCA, COL, FWAA, LK, SN, UP CNS, CP, WC
Bob Fenimore Halfback Oklahoma St. 7/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, INS, SN, UP WC
Dick Duden End Navy 6/10 AAB, AFCA, AP, COL, FWAA, SN, UP CNS, CP, NL, NYS, OF WC, YA
Vaughn Mancha Center Alabama 6/10 AP, COL, FWAA, INS, SN, UP CNS, CP, NYS, OF, YA
Max Morris End Northwestern 3/10 AAB, AFCA, INS WC, YA
Hub Bechtol End Texas 3/10 AP, COL, LK CNS
Bob Ravensberg End Indiana 3/10 FWAA, LK, SN CP
Harry Gilmer[1] Quarterback Alabama 3/10 COL, LK, SN CNS, NL, NYS, OF

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Official selectors

Other selectors

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