2016 Scottish National Party depute leadership election
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Official portrait of Tommy Sheppard MP crop 2.jpg
Candidate Angus Robertson Tommy Sheppard
Popular vote 18,736 8,936
Percentage 52.5% 25.5%

Official portrait of Alyn Smith MP crop 2.jpg
Candidate Alyn Smith Chris McEleny
Popular vote 6,510 1,182
Percentage 18.6% 3.4%

Depute Leader before election

Stewart Hosie

Elected Depute Leader

Angus Robertson

There was a Scottish National Party leadership election to choose the new Depute leader of the Scottish National Party at the SNP's conference on 14–15 October 2016. The SNP's Westminster Group Leader Angus Robertson MP won the election.

The election followed the resignation of the incumbent Depute Leader Stewart Hosie. Hosie, the partner of Scottish Government cabinet member Shona Robison, announced his intention to step down at the party conference in May 2016 after it emerged he was engaged in an affair with a freelance journalist, who had previously been involved in an affair with the SNP MP Angus MacNeil.[1] 9568178404


Four candidates took part in the election:

Alyn Smith's campaign focused on the dual issues of strengthening Scotland's relationship with the European Union following the Brexit vote, and the need for a new Yes movement centred around the SNP.[1]

Angus Robertson's campaign also focused on the issues of Brexit and the European Union, and particularly on preserving Scotland's place in Europe.[1][2]

Chris McEleny's campaign focused on the importance of local government in light of the upcoming 2017 Scottish local elections.[1]

Tommy Sheppard focused his campaign on revamping internal SNP policy making, with the intention of making policy decision making more open to the SNP party membership. Existing policy decisions are largely taken by the leadership, with minimal input from the SNP grassroots membership.[3] He has been described as Robertson's "left-wing challenger".[4]

Both McEleny and Sheppard are members of the SNP Socialists group,[5] which said it was "challenging for leadership" of the SNP.

Other individuals suggested as potential candidates included Mhairi Black, Humza Yousaf, and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.[3][6] Humza Yousaf later ruled out running for the position, instead stating his support for Robertson.[7]


The election used the single transferable vote (STV) system.[8]

Candidate Votes
Votes[9] %
Angus Robertson Green tickY 18,736
Tommy Sheppard 8,936
Alyn Smith 6,510
Chris McEleny 1,182


Angus Robertson

Chris McEleny


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