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Abellio London
ParentTransport UK Group
Founded21 May 2009; 14 years ago (2009-05-21)
Service areaGreater London
Service typeBus services
Routes59 (August 2021)
Fleet800 (March 2023)

Abellio London is a bus company operating services in Greater London, England. A subsidiary of Transport UK Group, it operates services under contract to Transport for London.


Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Dart on route 407 in Purley
Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident 2 on route 211 on Whitehall
Alexander Dennis Enviro400 on route 452 on Kensington Road
Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 on route 343

The origins of Abellio can be traced back to June 1998 when National Express commenced operating routes C1 and 211 under the Travel London brand. In August 2000, National Express sold the business to Limebourne, who in July 2001 sold out to Connex. In February 2004, National Express repurchased the business.[1] Travel London operated contracts on behalf of Transport for London (TfL).

On 21 May 2009, National Express sold Travel London to Abellio. The sale included 36 TfL-tendered services. All vehicles, depots and staff were included.[2][3]

On 30 October 2009 the business was rebranded as Abellio London.[4][5]

Abellio London was included in the sale of Abellio's United Kingdom business to Transport UK Group in February 2023.[6][7] It is to be rebranded Transport UK London Bus.[8]

Garages and routes

Abellio operates six garages. Beddington Cross, Battersea and Walworth are operated by Abellio London Limited and Fulwell, Armstrong Way and Dawley Road by Abellio West London Limited.

Armstrong Way (GW)

Located near Three Bridges and Windmill Park/Iron Bridge in Southall.

As of March 2022, Armstrong Way garage operates routes 195, 207, 427, E5, E7, E10, E11, H32 and N207. Routes E1 and E9 were lost to other contracts, with route E1 going to London United and route E9 going to Metroline.

Battersea (QB)

As of September 2021, Battersea garage operates routes 24, 27, 156, 159, 322, 344, 345, 415, 728 and N27.[9]

This garage was established by Q-Drive in the late 1990s, hence the QB code.[10] Travel London's original bus garage was situated further north towards Stewarts Lane railway depot which was the home of the Gatwick Express, a rail franchise then operated by its parent National Express. Connex moved into these premises after purchasing the Limebourne business in July 2001.[citation needed] In December 2015, Battersea garage started operating route 159.[11]

Beddington Cross (BC)

As of May 2021, Beddington Cross garage operates routes 109, 130, 201, 270, 315, 367, 407, 433, 464, N109 and S4.[9]

Dawley Road (DH)

As of March 2023, Dawley Road garage operates routes 278, 350, 482, U5, U7 and U9.[9]

Fulwell (TF)

As of April 2022, Fulwell garage operates routes 111, 267, 285, 481D, 490, 969, H20, H25, H26, H28, R68 and R70.[9] On 2 October 2021, route 290 passed to London United.

Walworth (WL)

As of September 2021, Walworth garage operates routes 3, 45, 63, 68, 196, 381, C10, P5, P13, N3, N63, N68 and N381.[9] On 30 April 2016, routes 35 and 40 passed to London Central.

After being closed by London Regional Transport in the 1980s, Walworth garage was reopened by Travel London in 2005, who needed more garage space after some new contracts.[12][13][14]

Former garages

Southall (AB)

Southall garage opened on 29 July 2017, when routes E1, E5, E7 and E9 were transferred from Hayes.[15][16] It was replaced by Armstrong Way (GW) garage in July 2019.[17]

Hayes (WS)

This garage closed in late 2021, transferring its routes to Armstrong Way Depot. Hayes garage used to operate and hold London bus routes 278, 350, 482, H28, U5, U7 and U9.[9] It moved to a new site in Dawley Road in 2021.[18]


As at March 2023, Abellio London operated 800 buses.[19]


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