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The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra was a group of Hollywood session musicians organized by Frank Zappa in 1967 to record music for his first solo album Lumpy Gravy. Some of these musicians are thought to have worked together in various combinations under the leadership of Ken Shroyer as far back as 1959. However, it was Zappa who gave them the name several years later.

In 1975, Zappa organized another group using the same name which involved a few of the same musicians. This group recorded music for his album Orchestral Favorites, released in 1979.

Dates that each musician performed with the group are contained in parentheses. These dates may be approximate.

Musician credits for Lumpy Gravy (1967)

The following performed spoken dialog on Lumpy Gravy but were not members of the orchestra and did not play an instrument:

Musician credits for Orchestral Favorites (1975)

Musician credits for other versions of a group using the same name