Adventures in Babysitting
Promotional poster
Based onAdventures in Babysitting
by David Simkins
Written byTiffany Paulsen
Directed byJohn Schultz[1]
Music byRichard Gibbs
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producerMichelle Manning
ProducerShawn Williamson
CinematographyCharles Minsky
EditorLisa Binkley
Running time93 minutes
Production companyBad Angels Productions[2]
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
ReleaseJune 24, 2016 (2016-06-24)

Adventures in Babysitting is a 2016 American adventure comedy television film directed by John Schultz and starring Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson. It is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name.[1] The film premiered on Disney Channel in the United States and Canada on June 24, 2016, and is the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie.[3][4]


Jenny Parker and Lola Perez are teenagers with opposite personalities, but a passion for photography. The two meet when they are finalists for a photography internship and accidentally switch phones at their interview. Helen Anderson calls Jenny's phone, begging for a last-minute babysitter. Lola takes the job when she gets served with a parking ticket from Officer James. Jenny's crush Zac Chase calls to invite Jenny to a concert but Lola dismisses him in order to flirt with Officer James. Zac mistakenly believes that Jenny is not interested in him so he decides to take another girl to the concert instead.

Jenny and Lola arrive at the Coopers' and the Andersons' for their respective babysitting jobs. Lola and Jenny realize they switched phones, and Jenny travels to Lola to switch back. By that time, Trey has snuck out to a concert. Jenny, Lola, and the children journey to a sketchy pawn shop in the city in order to track Trey down. However, they find that he has already left with his friends. In the shop, Bobby accidentally lets loose a rare ferret and Lola takes a picture of the commotion for her photography resume. Since trafficking the animal is illegal, the pawn shop owners Tiny and Scalper chase the seven out of the store, trying to delete the photo from Lola's camera. The group finds that their car is being towed, and learn that they have until midnight to pay off the $100 fine. The group finds Trey, and Lola suggests re-selling the ticket at the concert to pay the fine.

Tiny and Scalper track them down but hold off from revealing themselves when Lola is arrested for scalping. As they wait at the police station, Jenny is horrified to see that Emily secretly dyed her hair and got a tattoo and angrily reprimands her. Hurt, Emily calls and leaves a voicemail to her mom explaining the trouble they are in. In the interrogation room, Lola meets Officer James. He scolds her for trying to scalp the ticket. Lola finally realizes her impulsiveness has consequences and begs to go free to make things right. Meanwhile, in the lobby, AJ meets her roller derby idol Jailer Swift when Swift and her roller derby team are brought in on charges for disorderly conduct. Lola is cleared of all charges and when she goes to meet with the group, the derby team starts fighting among themselves and provides a distraction for the seven to get away. Tiny and Scalper chases after AJ, while the group steals Tiny and Scalper's car and chases.

After escaping, Katy remembers that her mother keeps $100 in her coat and the group sneaks into the local planetarium where the Coopers and Andersons are attending a party to steal it. The Coopers hear Emily's message and head to the police station to check on their children. Tiny and Scalper are caught by security and the ferret is grabbed.

Once Lola retrieves the money, the group heads to the tow lot to get the car back. Tiny and Scalper are arrested and the ferret is taken to an animal shelter. Lola jokes how Jenny's night is more interesting than going to a concert with Zac and Jenny finally learns why Zac has suddenly become distant. She becomes angry with Lola, but Lola suggests driving to the concert to explain everything. Lola trades her precious camera but keeps the memory card in exchange for Jenny's admission so Jenny and Zac can reconcile. The group then races home before the parents. Once they all are done, Jenny, Katy and Emily leave to get them back home, and the Andersons' arrive home, where Lola immediately covers up. Jenny does the same. Zac and Jenny start dating, much to the delight of Katy and Emily who have been watching. Lola gets her driver's license back from Officer James, who asks her out.

The next day, it is revealed that Lola and Jenny have adopted some of the others' traits, and Jenny declines her photography scholarship, giving it to Lola, who begins a relationship with Officer James. At the end, Lola sends the pictures to Katy, Emily, AJ, Bobby, Trey, Jenny and accidentally Helen.




Filming began on March 2, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia[5] and wrapped on April 18, 2015.[6][better source needed] The first teaser was released on October 9, 2015 during the DCOM premiere of Invisible Sister.[7][8] The first official trailer was released on February 12, 2016 during an episode of Girl Meets World, which also stars Sabrina Carpenter.[9]


Tiffany Paulsen wrote the film's screenplay.[10] It was presumed that the remake was scrapped due to years of inactivity. However, on January 9, 2015, Disney announced that the remake would go forward.[11]


Raven-Symoné was going to star in the remake but decided to withdraw due to other projects.[12] Miley Cyrus was also rumored to be attached to the project, but later denied involvement.[13] Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson were cast on January 9, 2015.[3][7][14] Kevin Quinn, Nikki Hahn, Mallory James Mahoney, Madison Horcher, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Max Gecowets, and Max Lloyd-Jones were cast on August 31, 2015.[15][16][better source needed] Also announced the same day were Gillian Vigman, Alissa Skovbye, Arielle Tuliao, Kevin O'Grady, Lisa MacFadden, Ken Lawson, Jasmine Chan, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Teana-Marie Smith, Michael Roberds, Simon Chin, J.C. Williams, Hugo Ateo, Raf Rogers, Morgan Tanner as Dancer, Curtis Albright, Oliver M. Smith, Kwasi Thomas, Joshua Morettin, Matthew Hoglie, and John Specogna.[16]


Adventures in Babysitting premiered on Disney Channel in the United States and Canada on June 24, 2016, with the series premiere of Bizaardvark as its lead-out.[17] As the network considered Adventures in Babysitting to be the 100th entry in its original movie franchise, Disney Channel announced that it would broadcast each previous movie to lead towards the premiere. The promotion began with a marathon of 53 popular entries in the series over the Memorial Day long weekend, followed by airings of the remainder throughout June.[18][19]


The premiere of the movie attracted 3.45 million viewers.[20]


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