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Written byMatthew Weisman (teleplay)
Gregory K. Pincus (teleplay)
Story byMatthew Weisman
Directed byBill Corcoran
StarringKimberly J. Brown
Daniel Roebuck
Elizabeth Morehead
Robin Duke
Shadia Simmons
Jake Epstein
Don Knotts
Theme music composerMichael Tavera
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
ProducerNicholas Tabarrok
CinematographyMichael Storey
EditorMartin Nicholson
Running time83 minutes
Production companyOnce Upon a Time Films
Original networkDisney Channel
Original releaseAugust 18, 2000 (2000-08-18)

Quints is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Kimberly J. Brown as the older sister of a set of quintuplets.[1]

Plot summary

Fourteen-year-old Jamie Grover (Kimberly J. Brown) is an only child who resents the constant attention her parents give her. Her wish for less attention is finally granted when her mother becomes pregnant. However, her mother gives birth to quintuplets and Jamie's life changes dramatically and she begins to resent her new siblings. She also discovers she might not want the same things for herself that her parents want for her. Because of the demands of having five babies in the house, her parents focus all of their attention on the quints: Adam, Becky, Charlie, Debbie, and Eddie.

Jamie's parents hire a babysitter named Fiona to help take care of the quints, although she later resigns due to exhaustion. To help cover costs, Jamie's parents agree to let their babies star in a diaper commercial. Albert, a representative for the diaper company, works with Jamie's parents to devise ways to keep the quints popular. Jamie reluctantly joins her school's art class, taught by Mr. Blackmer (James Kall), and discovers that she enjoys it. When Adam becomes ill, Jamie discovers that she really does not mind the babies and that she does have the courage to let her parents know she has dreams of her own. Jamie's parents fire Albert after he suggests replacing Adam with a look-alike baby for an upcoming event. Adam recovers, and Jamie becomes upset when her parents forget about her art being displayed in the school's art show; they attend a dinner with the governor instead, but visit the school later after remembering the art show and she wins the blue ribbon.

At the very end of the movie, she jokes that her mom is now pregnant again with septuplets: Anne, Billy, Carrie, Danny, Emma, Freddy, and Grace.


*Billed as 'Daniel Roebuck' in opening credits, and as 'Dan Roebuck' in closing credits.


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