The Slumber Party
Promotional poster
Based onThe Sleepover by Jen Malone
Written by
  • Eydie Faye
Directed byVeronica Rodriguez
Music byJoseph Shirley
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producers
ProducerMatthew Spiegel
EditorJesse Gordon
Running time82 minutes
Production companies
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
  • July 27, 2023 (2023-07-27)

The Slumber Party is an American coming-of-age comedy television film directed by Veronica Rodriguez. The film stars Darby Camp, Emmy Liu-Wang, Alex Cooper Cohen, Valentina Herrera, Dallas Liu, and Ramon Rodriguez.[2] It premiered on July 27, 2023, on Disney Channel.[3][4] It received generally positive reviews from critics.


Megan is a 14-year-old girl who is afraid of trying new things. She hangs out with her confident friend Paige and birthday girl Anna Maria, the latter of whom is going through family troubles involving her divorced parents and soon-to-be step-siblings including Veronica, a goofy and overconfident girl. The four girls decide to have a sleepover at Anna Maria's house to celebrate the day before her birthday, which just so happens to also be the day of her father's wedding, something that irritates her, especially when he insists on taking her hiking. Anna Maria's younger sister Penny wants to join the others, but they kick her out. For the night, Veronica invites Mesmer, a hypnotist, who in actuality is a desperate actor. With nothing better to do, the girls agree to have him hypnotize them.

The next morning, Megan wakes up to discover that her left eyebrow has been shaven off and she is wearing the hoodie that belongs to her crush Jake Ramirez, whose house has been TPd. There are baby ducks in the bathtub, Veronica's clothes are on backwards and she is wearing long fingernails, and Paige has literal blood on her hands. Anna Maria is missing and Penny appears to be somewhat ignorant as to what happened as well. Not wanting to let Anna Maria's mother know that they cannot find her, they decide to go looking themselves. Believing that the ducks came from school, the girls hire Paige's older brother Mikey to help sneak them in. Upon returning the ducks, save for one, they find Anna Maria's shoe. The group escape the Principal and drive out to discover that the shoe has paint on it matching the school colors of their rival Hillside.

Mikey drops the girls off at Hillside where they are confronted by the marching band who demand the return of their mascot float Hedgie, showing them video footage of the girls stealing it. They promise to give them back something of theirs if they return it. The girls cannot remember where the float is, but Veronica figures out that Mesmer is working at the Onion Festival. The girls sneak in to try and see him, but end up in the middle of an onion eating contest with Veronica winning, and lose Mesmer. With no other option, the girls go to see Jake who reveals that he has Hedgie in his garage. The girls and Jake ride the float down the street and deliver it to the marching band who reveal that they simply had Megan's outdated phone.

Jake reveals that Penny was the one who filmed their escapades and Paige and Veronica go and torture her dolls to get the truth, while Megan and Jake admit their feelings for each other. Penny admits that Anna Maria left a note for them, but she took it out of spite. The note reveals that Anna Maria went hiking on her own without her dad and the girls find her asleep on a bench with tampons up her bloody nose. Anna Maria admits that she is afraid of change and her expanding family, but the girls comfort her and get her ready for the wedding. Anna Maria makes peace with her family, as Veronica reveals that she is seeing Mikey, much to Paige's chagrin. As the girls privately celebrate Anna Maria's birthday, they run into Mesmer again who gives them trigger word to reawaken their memories, "Freshman". The girls suddenly remember everything that happened last night.

The credits reveal that Paige accidentally hit Anna Maria in the nose, explaining the blood, and that Jake was present when his house was TPd, bonding with Megan right away.



On September 27, 2022, it was announced that Disney Branded Television had begun production on a film titled The Slumber Party, based on the book The Sleepover by Jen Malone. Filming began that same day Atlanta, Georgia.[8]

Veronica Rodriguez was set to direct the film, with Eydie Faye set to write the screenplay.[8] Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Stephanie Sperber, Jennilee Cummings, Jake Fuller, Tony Hernandez, and John Hodges were set to serve as executive producers.[8]

On June 7, 2023, Tituss Burgess and Paula Pell joined the cast of the film as Mesmer and Principal Petersen, respectively.[9]


The Slumber Party premiered on July 27, 2023, on Disney Channel.[10] It was released on July 28, 2023, on Disney+.[11]


On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 100% of 6 critics' reviews are positive, with an average rating of 6.60/10.[12]

Stephanie Morgan of Common Sense Media gave The Slumber Party a grade of three out of five stars, complimented the depiction of positive messages and role models, citing friendship and the importance of going outside the comfort zone, and described the film as a "Sweetly innocent take on The Hangover."[13] Guillermo Kurten, Blair Marnell, and Rick Marshall of Digital Trends included The Slumber Party in their "Best movies on Disney+ Right Now" list of August 2023, calling it a "delightful coming-of-age comedy."[14]

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