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Air Sports
T-6 Gold Start passing the finish pylon at the 2014 Reno Air Races
Highest governing bodyFédération Aéronautique Internationale
TypeOutdoor recreation
Country or regionWorldwide
World Games1997–2021

The term "air sports" covers a range of aerial activities, including air racing, aerobatics, aeromodelling, hang gliding, human-powered aircraft, parachuting, paragliding and skydiving.[1]

Recognized and regulated air sports

Hang gliding

Many air sports are regulated internationally by the Switzerland-based Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) and nationally by aero clubs such as the National Aeronautics Association (NAA)[2] and the Royal Aero Club (RAeC). The FAI has separate commissions for each air sport. For example, the commission for ballooning is the Commission Internationale de l'Aérostation (CIA).[3][4]

Sports within the categories of air sports and their respective commissions are as follows:[1][5][6]




Other activities

Other aerial activities not governed by the FAI rules:


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