ABC National 1
Founded1962; 59 years ago (1962)
First season1962–63
Country Algeria
ConfederationFIBA Africa
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toABC Second Division
Domestic cup(s)Algerian Cup
International cup(s)FIBA Champions Cup
Current championsGS Pétroliers (19th title)
Most championshipsGS Pétroliers (19 titles)
TV partnersEPTV Terrestre
Dzaïr TV
2017–18 season

The Algerian Basketball Championship, now called the ABC National 1, formally known as the ABC Super Division, is the pre-eminent men's basketball league in Algeria, National 1 is contested by 16 teams, with the two lowest-placed teams relegated to the Second Division and replaced by the two winner of the playoffs. From the 1963 onwards, GS Pétroliers (19 titles) and WA Boufarik (9 titles) both dominated Also there is Darak El-Watani won 11 titles but it no longer exists, though National 1 also saw other champions, including OC Alger, ASM Oran, USM Alger, RAM Alger, MC Oran, NB Staouéli, AS PTT Alger and CSM Constantine.


ASM Oran first champion and clubs from capital controlled

Before Algeria's independence, there were several regional leagues led by the French federation. The Algerian Basketball Championship was founded in 1962 when they achieved independence. The first championship won by the West Club ASM Oran in 1963 to achieve the same team two other titles, starting from the 1965–66 season, the capital clubs began to dominate the Championship and initially achieved USM Alger three titles in 1966, 67 and 69, the only in the history of the club other clubs also won the title once RAM Alger, CSS Kouba and CS DNC Alger in the years of 68, 71 and 76, respectively, but the club that dominated the championship in this period is Darak El-Watani, which won the title eleven times, including a record six consecutive times between 1977 and 82 it is also the first club to achieve a league and cup doubles in the 1969–70 season, a club that was affiliated to the Gendarmerie Nationale and no longer exists now, finally in 1984 MP Oran managed to break the monopoly of the capital's clubs and won the championship for the first time however, the club disappeared in 1994 in the 1980s, another strong club was established, MP Alger, won the title five times, three of them in a row also IRB Alger achieved its second title in 1988 after 13 years but with a new name.

1990–99 WA Boufarik Almost absolute control

In the 1990s there was control of the WA Boufarik where he won eight of the 10 titles in the 1989–90 season. He won his first title in the Algerian Basketball Championship in the history of the club. The club started a story with the Super Division, followed by four successive titles The IRB Alger (Ittihad Riadhi el Binaa d'Alger Now OC Alger only women's team) managed to win two titles that were not won by the WA Boufarik in 1995 and 1996 the fourth title and the last in its history IRB Alger men's team with the beginning of the millennium disappeared, and then WA Boufarik return to achieve the championship three consecutive times 1997, 1998, 1999 The first was against NA Hussein Dey 2-1 and the second against DRB Staouéli 2-0, in the same period they won the Cup of Algeria four times.

Affinity in level (2000–2010)

Since the beginning of 2000, GS Pétroliers has been considered the best team where he won most of the titles and a few clubs managed to compete with him like WA Boufarik biggest rivals where he is the second most clubs to achieve titles, to come after CRB Dar Beida, NB Staouéli, AS PTT Alger and CSM Constantine, in the period from 2000 to 2006 there was a great competition between MC Alger (Old name) and WA Boufarik Where it is always exciting and in the presence of a large audience, especially the audience of Wydad Boufarik.[1] After that, WA Boufarik dropped their level very much, opening the way for other clubs to compete for the title such as NB Staouéli in the 2006–07 season there were six teams: WA Boufarik, CRB Dar El-Beida, WB Aïn Bénian, AS PTT Alger, MC Alger and NB Staouéli. in a mini-championship play off played in Staouéli The title was played during the last meeting of the 3rd day, the DRB Staouéli and MC Alger. The MCA considered that security conditions were not present in the room. The team left the field in the sixth minute of the second quarter, while the score was 28 to 21 in favor of NB Staouéli. The climate in the compound was very tense. Referring to the regulations, the technical committee chaired by the international referee Noureddine Chachoua, decided to inflict match lost by penalty to MC Alger. It is not excluded that the Fédération Algérienne de Basket-Ball (FABB) will suspend the Staouli Hall. NB Staouéli won the title of Algeria champion for the first time in his history.[2] Two seasons later, AS PTT Alger were also able to win the championship for the first time after a mini-championship 2nd tournament play off was played in Hydra and winning the last games against the GS Pétroliers (New name) With 84–81 at half-time (45–31).[3] after the result was 81–81 and in the last three seconds the player Belkhodja was able to score three points the fans of the ASPTT did not believe their eyes. the following season, GS Pétroliers won his first title in his new name and in the final round of the title against defending champions AS PTT Alger 54–47, a point behind the runner-up CRB Dar Beida.[4]

CSM Constantine surprise and GSP dominate (since 2010)

In the 2010–11 season, for the first time in 6 years, the final match system he returned again, like the NBA but from only three games not seven and the final was between GS Pétroliers and CRB Dar Beida and ended for the first with a total of two matches to zero.[5] in this season GS Pétroliers played 40 matches in the Super Division and won them all, in the following season the competition system changed again and a tournament of 16 clubs was held where each team played 30 matches and the first place to be the champion and then the fall was canceled this season. The GS Pétroliers was crowned champion of Algeria, after his success on US Sétif (107–65), during the 30th and last round then the president of the FABB, Rabah Bouarifi, presented the champion trophy to the captain of the GSP, Mohamed Dekkiche this is the third consecutive title and also achieved a double championship and cup for the second consecutive season.,[6] the Super Division is composed this season of twenty clubs including four new ones promoted the clubs, divided into two groups A and B, will play a first phase of 18 rounds, after which the first four of each group will play the second phase, which will determine the 2012–13 Super Division champion. The other clubs will defeat for the playdown in Super Division or the relegation. A first in national basketball, the new champion of Algeria, 2012–13 season, is named CSM Constantine after winning against the champion in the last three seasons GS Pétroliers with a total of 2-1 led by US players Little Theo and Bryant.[7] after this win, the team will be the representative of Algeria in the 2013 FIBA Africa Clubs Champions Cup for the first time in the history of Algerian basketball. After this season, the defending champions lost most of their players stars and returned GS Pétroliers to dominate the Championship for four consecutive seasons.[8] At the same time they achieved the league and cup duo also for four consecutive seasons.[9] There is no strong competitor who can stop GS Pétroliers. especially that it is supported by the largest oil company in Africa Sonatrach, which crosses the only club that does not suffer from financial problems.[10][11]

Title holders

Below is the list of the champions since the first edition in 1962-63.[12]

ABC National 1 seasons and finals from 1995

Finals appearances
Team Total W L
GS Pétroliers 7 6 1
WA Boufarik 3 2 1
CSM Constantine 1 1 0
CRB Dar Beida 3 0 3
NA Hussein Dey 2 0 2
US Sétif 1 0 1
IRB/ECT Alger 1 0 1
DRB Staouéli 1 0 1
COBB Oran 1 0 1
Season Date Ref Champion Series Score Runner-up Champion Coach
1995–96 Jul ?–11 [13] IRB/ECT Alger (4) 2–0 65–55 ??–??
WA Boufarik Algeria
1996–97 Jun 29–Jul 10 [14][15][16] WA Boufarik (6) 2–1 55–51 70–63 55–60 NA Hussein Dey Algeria Ahmed Loubachria
1997–98 Jun 11–16 WA Boufarik (7) 2–0 62–58 ??–??
DRB Staouéli Algeria Ahmad Benyabou
1998–99 ?– ? WA Boufarik (8)
Round Robin
1999–00 ?– ? MC Alger (6)
Round Robin
2000–01 ?– ? MC Alger (7)
Round Robin
2001–02 Apr 19–May 24 [17] WA Boufarik (9)
Round Robin
MC Alger
2002–03 ?–Jun 13 [18] MC Alger (8)
Round Robin
? Algeria Bilal Faid
2003–04 Jul 1–9 [19][20] MC Alger (9) 2–0 79–65 79–56
COBB Oran Algeria Bilal Faid
2004–05 ?– ? [21] MC Alger (10)
Round Robin
WA Boufarik
2005–06 ?– ? [22] MC Alger (11)
Round Robin
WA Boufarik Algeria Bilal Faid
2006–07 ?– ? [2] DRB Staouéli
Round Robin
MC Alger Algeria Ahmed Loubachria
2007–08 ?– ? [23] MC Alger (12)
Round Robin
CRB Dar Beida Cuba Valiente Conde
2008–09 ?– ? [24][3] AS PTT Alger
Round Robin
MC Alger
2009–10 May 7–May 22 [4] GS Pétroliers (13)
Round Robin
CRB Dar Beida Algeria Ahmed Loubachria
2010–11 Jun ?–Jul 1 [5] GS Pétroliers (14) 2–0 109–78 91–80
CRB Dar Beida Algeria Bilal Faid
2011–12 Oct 27–May 29 [6] GS Pétroliers (15)
Round Robin
CSM Constantine Algeria Bilal Faid
2012–13 Apr 30–May 4 [25] CSM Constantine 2–1 63–54 85–64 54–65 GS Pétroliers Algeria Said Didi
2013–14 May 27–30 [26] GS Pétroliers (16) 2–0 91–73 54–64
CRB Dar Beida United States Sean Whalen
2014–15 May 26–30 [27] GS Pétroliers (17) 2–1 75–64 55–53 66–69 US Sétif United States Sean Whalen
2015–16 May 24–28 [28] GS Pétroliers (18) 2–1 53–65 55–88 87–71 CRB Dar Beida Algeria Bilal Faid
2016–17 Jul 13–14 [8] GS Pétroliers (19) 2–0 71–75 94–61
NA Hussein Dey France Nicolas Meistelman
GS Pétroliers (ex. MP Alger & MC Alger)
MC Oran (ex. MP Oran)
OC Alger (ex. IRB Alger & CS DNC Alger)
NB Staouéli (ex. DRB Staouéli)

Total league championships

Team Won Years won
GS Pétroliers 20 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Darak El-Watani 11 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982
WA Boufarik 9 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002
OC Alger 4 1976, 1988, 1995, 1996
ASM Oran 3 1963, 1964, 1965
USM Alger 3 1966, 1967, 1969
RAM Alger 1 1968
MC Oran 1 1984
NB Staouéli 1 2007
AS PTT Alger 1 2009
CSM Constantine 1 2013


Clasico Algerian basketball

Current teams

These are the teams that participate in the 2017–18 Algerian Basketball Championship season:

CB Ouargla
CB Ouargla
Algiers teams NA Hussein Dey USM Alger GS Pétroliers CRB Dar Beida NB Staoueli CSC Gué de Constantine
Algiers teams
NA Hussein Dey
USM Alger
GS Pétroliers
CRB Dar Beida
NB Staoueli
CSC Gué de Constantine
Locations of teams for the 2017–18 Algerian Basketball Championship
Promoted from 2nd Division
Team Home city Arena
CSMBB Ouargla Ouargla Salle Rouisset Ouargla
CRB Dar Beida Dar El Beida Salle de Dar El Beïda
CSC Gué de Constantine Djasr Kasentina
GS Pétroliers Algiers Salle Abdelaziz Ben Tifour
IRB Bordj Bou Arreridj Bordj Bou Arréridj Salle omnisports du 18 Février
NB Staoueli Staoueli Salle omnisports de Staouéli
NA Hussein Dey Algiers Salle Mohamed Handjer de Maquaria
Olympique Batna Batna OPOW de Batna
OS Bordj Bou Arréridj Bordj Bou Arréridj
OMS Miliana Miliana
Printemps Sportve d'El Eulma El Eulma
RC Constantine Constantine Salle Zouaghi de Constantine
USM Alger Algiers Rais Hamidou Arena
USM Blida Blida Hocine Chalane Arena
US Sétif Sétif 8 Mai 1945 Arena
WA Boufarik Boufarik Moussa Charef Arena



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