The official seal of the American Vecturist Association

The American Vecturist Association (or AVA) is an organization of transportation token collectors in the United States and Canada, as well as worldwide. Members of the AVA receive the Fare Box, the monthly newsletter of the AVA.[1][2][3] The Fare Box contains advertisements, stories, and information about various tokens, as well as resources to buy, sell, and trade tokens. AVA members are also eligible to join the New Issue Service, which mails new transportation tokens to its members for a nominal fee.


In 1920, Mr. F.C. Kenworthy began cataloging his transportation token collection. Five years later, Mr. Kenworthy handed his work off to Mr. R.W. Dunn. In 1932 Mr. Dunn printed his list of U.S. and foreign transportation tokens. Shortly after printing, Dr. Dunn passed the task of cataloging transportation tokens off to Ronald C. Atwood. In 1948, Mr. Atwood had his National Check and Premium List of All U.S. Transportation Tokens published by the American Numismatic Company of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Mr. R.L. Moore began publishing the Fare Box, a monthly newsletter about transportation tokens. On October 31, 1948, the American Vecturist Association was formed in New York City out of interest sparked from Mr. Moore's newsletter. Two months later, Mr. Moore turned over the Fare Box to the newly formed American Vecturist Association. John M. Coffee Jr. (died 2012), a history professor at Emerson College in Boston and Unitarian minister, was the Editor of the Fare Box for 60 years.[4][5]


The AVA holds its annual convention in a different U.S. city every August.[6] The 2010 convention was held August 12–15, 2010 at the Marriott in Norfolk, VA. The 2011 convention was held in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the convention, members are able to buy, sell and trade tokens as well as attend the auction and banquet.


The AVA publishes a number of books, all of which are available at discount prices to AVA members:


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