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Apple Scanner attached to a Macintosh SE
Apple Scanner attached to a Macintosh SE

In August 1988 Apple Computer introduced the Apple Scanner.[1] It was their first A4 (8.5 in × 14.0 in) flatbed scanner. It was capable of a 4-bit image with 16 levels of grey in a maximum resolution of 300 dpi.[2] The scanner could complete a full scan in 20.4 seconds.[citation needed] It shipped with a SCSI connection[3] with an unused serial port.

To control the scanner, it came with both AppleScan and HyperScan, the latter allowed users to scan directly from within HyperCard.[4] Later, only AppleScan was offered.[3]

The scanner was upgraded to the short-lived Apple OneScanner in 1991 with 256 levels of grey.[5]


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