Apple Color OneScanner

Apple's OneScanner was a series of flatbed scanners introduced during the early 1990s. The original OneScanner model was introduced in 1991 to replace the earlier Apple Scanner, offering 8-bit (256 shades) greyscale scanning.[1] It was joined by the Color OneScanner the next year,[2] and a series of updated models followed. The series culminated with the Color OneScanner 1200/30, with a resolution of 600x1200 dpi and 30-bit color scanning.[3][4] The 1200/30 included options for automatic page feeding and scanning transparent materials.[5][6] The entire OneScanner series used SCSI as its primary interface.[7][3][8][9] Sales of the final 1200/30 model ended in 1997.

The scanners were offered with a variety of software. For basic scanning needs they included Ofoto one-button scanning software, and HyperScan 2.0 for scanning into HyperCard.[1] Later versions shipped with Xerox TextBridge OCR and ColorSync support.[8]

The OneScanner was offered in a version for Windows, with Ofoto 2.0.[7]


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