Apple S2
General information
LaunchedSeptember, 2016
DiscontinuedSeptember, 2017
Designed byApple Inc.
Max. CPU clock rate520 MHz[1] 
Architecture and classification
ApplicationApple Watch Series 2
Technology node16 nm
Instruction setARM – ARMv7-A
Physical specifications
Products, models, variants
Predecessor(s)Apple S1
Successor(s)Apple S3

The Apple S2 is the integrated computer in the Apple Watch Series 2, and it is described as a "System in Package" (SiP) by Apple Inc. It was revealed on September 7, 2016, with very little info about specifications.[2] Apple says its two cores deliver 50% higher performance and the GPU delivers twice as much as the predecessor, the Apple S1.[3] The S1P SiP shipped in the Apple Watch Series 1 is a stripped down version of the S2 that lacks the GPS functionality, it is otherwise identical.[4]

System-in-Package design

It uses a customized application processor that together with 512 MB memory,[1] 8 GB storage[1] and support processors for wireless connectivity, GPS, sensors and I/O constitute a complete computer in a single package. This package is filled with resin for durability.


The device integrates discrete components like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, touch controller, accelerometers, barometric sensor[5] and RAM. In total, there are 42 individual silicon dies[6] integrated into the single S2 component.


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