Activity icon in watchOS
Activity icon in watchOS
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Summary tab of the Fitness app in iOS 16
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Initial releaseMarch 9, 2015; 7 years ago (2015-03-09)
Operating systemiOS, watchOS
TypePhysical fitness Edit this on Wikidata

Fitness, formerly Activity, is an exercise tracking companion app announced by Apple Inc. during their September 2014 Special Event. The app is available on iPhones running iOS 8.2 or above for users with a connected Apple Watch, later expanding to all iPhones regardless of Watch connectivity with the release of iOS 16. The application displays a summary view of user's recorded workouts from the Apple Watch or supported third-party apps and exercise equipment.


The app displays three 'activity rings', which are daily movement goals, and encourages users to 'close' all of their rings by the end of the day. The move ring tracks the number of diet calories or kilojoules burned (over and above quiescent), the exercise ring tracks minutes spent exercising, and the stand ring tracks the number of hours spent standing for at least one minute.[1] Without a connected Apple Watch, the app will only display the user's move ring as the exercise and stand metrics cannot be measured using the iPhone.[2] Activity rings can be shared with others to compare data and start competitions, which give an award to the person who has filled their rings the most over a seven-day period.[3] Users can earn various awards based on user achievement, such as setting personal records or participating in limited-time challenges. Awards are digital equivalents of enamel pins or badges.

All workouts recorded through the Workout app on the Apple Watch are viewable through the 'Summary' tab of the Fitness app and include relevant metrics and HealthKit data, such as heart rate, depending on the type of exercise. For outdoor activities, summaries also include weather conditions at the time of the workout and a map that outlines the route taken while exercising. Since iOS 15, a record of mindfulness activities can also be viewed from the summary tab. After a 180-day period, the app will also begin to show users their exercise trends averaged over the present and past rolling 90-day windows, displaying arrows next to various metrics.[4] Arrows which are facing up show an improvement in an area, whereas downwards facing arrows show a decline.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is an ad-free video on demand guided workout streaming service announced during Apple's September 2020 Special Event and was officially launched on 14 December 2020. The service provides several video workout guides and routines from fitness professionals, displaying exercise statistics from the Apple Watch in the top-right corner of the video in real-time. Each workout is set to a curated playlist, with Apple Music subscribers given the option to download a workout playlist to their device for other use.

The service is housed within the Fitness app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and costs US$9.99 per month, US$79.99 per year, or is included in the premium tier of Apple One.[5]


As of March 2022, the following 26 trainers appear on the Apple Fitness+ page.[6]

  • Ben Allen
  • Kyle Ardill
  • Dustin Brown
  • Scott Carvin
  • Gregg Cook
  • Josh Crosby
  • Tyrell Desean
  • Emily Fayette
  • Molly Fox
  • Anja Garcia
  • Marimba Gold-Watts
  • Jhon Gonzalez
  • Betina Gozo
  • JoAnna Hardy
  • Jamie-Ray Hartshorne
  • Sherica Holmon
  • Christian Howard
  • LaShawn Jones
  • Jonelle Lewis
  • Cory Wharton-Malcolm
  • Kim Ngo
  • Kym Perfetto
  • Sam Sanchez
  • Jessica Skye
  • Darryl Whiting
  • Bakari Williams

Available workouts

Workouts are available for eleven activities: core, cycling, dance, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), mindful cooldown, rowing, strength, treadmill walk, treadmill run, pilates, and yoga. Most workouts have three trainers, with one performing a modified, less intensive, version of the host's workout. The third instructor either matches the primary instructor or, in some cases, performs a more intensive version. Shorter workouts are also available, which have only a single instructor and include further instructions for those new to a particular exercise.[7]

On 21 January 2021, the "Time to Walk" feature was added. These podcasts for outdoor walking are led by celebrities from academia, entertainment, and sports. They mix talk with a short playlist.[8] Unlike the videos (which play on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV), the podcast must be played on an Apple Watch paired with a Bluetooth headset.

On 14 September 2021, Apple added guided meditation, pilates, group sessions ("SharePlay"), and Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season – featuring skier Ted Ligety, along with Fitness+ trainer Anja Garcia. Inspired by winter sports, the program will help build strength, balance, and endurance.[9] The upgrades require OS version 15 of the respective devices.

Countries and regions

When Fitness+ was launched, it was available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

On 14 September 2021, availability was announced for several new countries beginning later in 2021.[9]

On 25 October 2021, Apple announced that beginning 3 November 2021, Fitness+ will also be available in 15 new countries, bringing the total number of countries the service is available to 21. In both new and existing markets, Fitness+ will be available in English, with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

GymKit API

GymKit is an integration API that was launched with watchOS 4.1 on 31 October 2017, which allows developers and manufacturers to enable bidirectional sync between the Apple Watch and certain cardio equipment.[10][11] Once paired, compatible machines can send workout data and performance to the Fitness app.

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