Arado E.583
Role Night fighter twinjet project
Manufacturer Arado Flugzeugwerke
Number built Not produced

The Arado E.583 (Arado Ar P.I ) was a project design from 1945 for a jet-powered night fighter aircraft of the German manufacturer Arado Flugzeugwerke.


The design of the E.583 goes back to the E.581, an earlier project by Arado, in which design variants for a single-beam, tailless night fighter were also examined. The starting point for the E.581 was again the studies in connection with the project E.555 for a multi-beam long-range bomber. However, due to the long inlet and the large hull surface, the Heinkel HeS-011 jet engine of the E.581, which was integrated into the fuselage, could only expect inadequate performance in the high-speed sector.

Arado then created two new project designs in accordance with the guidelines issued in January 1945 for the optimal solution of a night fighter. Under the overall designation E.583, the studies Ar-I and Ar-II - also referred to as Project I and II - were presented at the same time.

The Ar-I was based on the draft E.581-5, but had much larger dimensions. The experts criticized on 20./21. March 1945 again the resistance generating engine intakes and large surfaces. Arado then improved the design so that a third crew member and a larger amount of fuel could be included. A third variant received smaller and more swept wings. Allegedly, it is said to have served as inspiration for the US Vought F7U-3 Cutlass. However, head of the aerodynamic research department of Vought, William C. Schoolfield, denied that any orientation towards German research has taken place. [1]

The Ar-II was regarded as an easier to implement night fighter. The design had swept wings and was strongly based on the Arado Ar 234 and the study TEW 16 / 43-23. The maximum speed was calculated at 775 km / h, lower than that of the Ar-I.


The Ar I was designed as a tailless aircraft, in which the ailerons also served as horizontal stabilizer. The two rudders were each placed on top of the wings.

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