Ar 79
Arado Ar 79.jpg
Role Aerobatic trainer
Manufacturer Arado
First flight 20 April 1938
Introduction 1938
Produced 72

The Arado Ar 79 was a German aircraft of the 1930s, designed as an aerobatic two-seat trainer and touring aircraft.[1]

The Ar 79 was a monoplane with retractable, tailwheel undercarriage. The wings were constructed of fabric over plywood, the forward fuselage was of fabric over steel tube, and the rear fuselage was a monocoque structure.[1]

Operational history

The Ar 79 set a number of speed records in 1938:[1]




Arado Ar 79 3-view.svg

Data from Aircraft of the Third Reich,[2] Flugzeug-Typenbuch. Handbuch der deutschen Luftfahrt 1944[3]

General characteristics


4,500 m (14,764 ft) dual
  • 1,000 m (3,281 ft) in 3 minutes 48 seconds
  • 2,000 m (6,562 ft) in 8 minutes 24 seconds


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