Fi 333
A model of the Fieseler Fi 333 showing three possible configurations. Top: the aircraft carrying a cargo pod; Middle: the aircraft carrying no cargo; Bottom: the aircraft carrying the fuselage of another aircraft
Role Transport
National origin Nazi Germany
Manufacturer Fieseler
Status Cancelled
Primary user Luftwaffe
Number built 3

The Fieseler Fi 333 was a prototype transport aircraft developed by Fieseler in 1942, and backed by the Luftwaffe.[1]

Design and development

The aircraft was to use detachable pods of varying sizes to carry cargo, a system that would allow a rapid turnaround on the ground.[1] The tall, fixed undercarriage featured tandem independently sprung wheels.[1] Power was provided by two 750 kW (1,000 hp) BMW Bramo 323D radial engines.[citation needed]

Three prototypes are believed to have been built.[1][citation needed]


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General characteristics


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