Fi 168
Fieseler Fi 168.jpg
The Fieseler Fi 168, described by a German engineer as a "tank destroyer"
Role Ground attack aircraft
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Fieseler
Designer Frederik Kassel

The Fieseler Fi 168 was a projected German ground attack aircraft designed in 1938 by Frederik Kassel, who created the aircraft after a request from the Technisches Amt (Technical Department) of the RLM Reichsluftfahrtministerium - (German aviation ministry).[1]

The two-engine aircraft was a strut-braced high-wing monoplane with two tail-booms and a narrow fuselage pod carried by struts under the centre-section, and was designed to operate in areas featuring rough terrain, and boasted two rigidly mounted forward-facing machine guns. The former development director Erich Bachem described the Fi 168 as a flying "tank destroyer".

The project was discontinued at the direction of the RLM in September 1939.


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