Role Civil trainer
Manufacturer Arado Flugzeugwerke
First flight 1925
Number built 3 + 1 S III

The Arado S I was a biplane trainer built in Germany in 1925. The first of three prototypes was powered by a Bristol Lucifer radial engine, while the other two Arado S.Ia aircraft were fitted with the Siemens-Halske Sh 12. The Siemens-Halske Sh 11 powered the Arado S III, a virtually identical aircraft of which only a single prototype was constructed and sold to Turkey.

Specifications (S III)

Arado S I 3 view drawing NACA Aircraft Circular No.4

Data from Jane's all the World's Aircraft 1928,[1] German Aviation 1919-1945:Arado S III[2]

General characteristics



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