The first issue of Asbarez
TypeDaily newspaper
EditorAra Khachatourian (English)
Apo Boghikian (Armenian)
LanguageWestern Armenian, American English
Headquarters1203 N Vermont Ave, Little Armenia, Los Angeles, CA 90029 USA
CityFresno, California
CountryUnited States
OCLC number3973991

Asbarez (Armenian: Ասպարէզ "Arena") is an Armenian-American bilingual daily newspaper published in Armenian and English in Los Angeles, California, by the Western USA Central Committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.


The newspaper began publication in 1908 in Fresno, California. It moved to southern California several decades later when a large Armenian-American community emerged there. Before moving to a new headquarters in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles in the 1970s, the newspaper's headquarters was located in Glendale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.[1]

The daily is published five times a week. It is from 16 to 28 pages, Tuesdays through Fridays and 40 to 48 pages on Saturdays. It also regularly publishes magazine supplements on special occasions.

Asbarez in English

A cover of the English print supplement of Asbarez daily

The newspaper that includes both Armenian and English sections. After being an all-Armenian newspaper, a regular English section was added on May 1, 1970. The English section became a daily feature starting January 1993.

Online publication

The newspaper also went online starting 1994 and launched a web component in 1997.


Horizon Television has become a broadcasting partner.


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