Berau Gulf
MacCleur Gulf
Teluk Berau (Indonesian)
The Vogelkop and Bomberai Peninsulas. West of Bintuni Bay is the Berau Gulf, the 'Dragon's Mouth' of West Papua.
Berau Gulf is located in Bird's Head Peninsula
Berau Gulf
Berau Gulf
Coordinates2°27′46″S 132°31′06″E / 2.462661°S 132.518469°E / -2.462661; 132.518469
Primary inflowsBintuni Bay
Primary outflowsCeram Sea

The Berau Gulf (Indonesian: Teluk Berau), formerly the MacCleur Gulf, separates the Vogelkop (Doberai) and Bomberai Peninsulas of Western New Guinea. It opens on the Ceram Sea to the west and ends in Bintuni Bay to the east.


Berau Bay is formed by the broadening of Bintuni Bay to the east and separates the Vogelkop Peninsula to the north from the Bomberai Peninsula (with its western extremity, the Fakfak Peninsula) to the south. To the west is the open Seram Sea. The islands of Ogar and Arguni are located off the Fakfak peninsula.

The area is part of the Indonesian province of Papua Barat. The administrative district of Fakfak lies on the southern coast, while the northern coast (the southern coast of the Vogelkop) belongs to the administrative districts of Teluk Bintuni and Sorong Selatan (South Sorong).[1]

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