Alternative namesbla, blah
CourseUsually breakfast or lunch
Place of originIreland
Region or stateWaterford
Main ingredientswhite flour
Ingredients generally usedyeast, sugar, water, salt

A blaa /blɑː/, or Waterford Blaa, is a doughy, white bread bun (roll) speciality, particularly associated with Waterford, Ireland.[1] It is currently made in Waterford and South County Kilkenny.[2][3][4]

Blaas are sold in two varieties: "soft" and "crusty".[5][6] Soft blaas are slightly sweet, malt flavour, light but firm in texture and melt in the mouth. Crusty blaas are crunchy at first bite, then chewy with a subtle malt taste and a pleasing bitter aftertaste from the well cooked, dark crust.[3]

Eaten mainly at breakfast with butter,[6] they are also eaten at other times of the day with a wide variety of fillings (including a type of luncheon meat often referred to as "red lead"[6]). The breakfast blaa (egg, bacon rasher and sausage) is more common than the breakfast roll in Waterford.[citation needed]

A combined 12,000 blaas are sold each day[7] by the four remaining bakeries producing blaas:[8] Walsh's Bakehouse,[9] Kilmacow Bakery, Barron's Bakery & Coffee House[10] and Hickey's Bakery.[11] Of the four remaining bakeries, only two remain in Waterford City.[6] Blaas quickly lose their freshness and are best consumed within a few hours of purchase.[6]

Some sources report that the blaa was introduced to Waterford at the end of the 17th century by the Huguenots.[3][6][12] This theory is disputed because although white flour existed in the 17th century,[6][13] it was not widely used until mass production of the industrial revolution.

Blaas are sometimes confused with a similar bun known as a bap; however, blaas are square in shape, softer, and doughier, and are most notably identified by the white flour shaken over them before the baking process.[14]

On 19 November 2013, the Waterford blaa was awarded Protected Geographical Indication status by the European Commission.[15]

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