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Black Label Media is a Los Angeles based independent film producer and finance company founded in 2013.[1]


The founders are Molly Smith, the daughter of billionaire Frederick W. Smith who founded FedEx and invested in the company.[1] And Thad Luckinbill, an actor on Young and the Restless for 11 years, and twin brother Trent Luckinbill.[1]

The name of the company was taken from the American Express Centurion "Black Card" and in part by Johnnie Walker Black whiskey.[1]


Films produced include The Good Lie (2014), Demolition (2015), Sicario (2015), Only the Brave (2017), 12 Strong (2018) and Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018). The company had a 25 percent stake in La La Land (2016).[1]


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