Border crossings (Albanian: Vendkalimet kufitare) in the Republic of Albania are defined as boundary checkpoints that serve to control the flow of people and goods from neighbouring countries to and from Albania. These checkpoints are administered by the border police authorities that record the entry and exit of each person and vehicle followed by the customs authorities that record the entry and exit of goods and cash. Albania currently has 22 operational land border crossings and shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo (116.3 km),[1] North Macedonia (186.1 km),[2] and Greece. This article outlines a complete list of Albania's international border crossings, including land, sea and air entry points.[3]


During the communist period in Albania, very few people were allowed to leave the country (usually only diplomats) and would also be required to have written permission to do so. Visitors entering the country from outside for any reason, tourism or otherwise, were immediately suspect and closely monitored. Escaping the country was practically impossible with electric fencing, guard dogs and border police instructed to shoot at will if they saw citizens fleeing across the border.[4]

Land border crossings

* Indicates main border crossing


Main article: Albania–Montenegro border

Muriqan-Sukobin integrated crossing between Albania and Montenegro


Morinë–Vërmicë border crossing

 North Macedonia

Bllatë border


Kakavi border

Railway crossings



Maritime ports

Port of Durrës


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