Caleta Zorra
Caleta Zorra is located in Chile
Caleta Zorra
Caleta Zorra
Coordinates43°08′00″S 74°19′00″W / 43.133333°S 74.316667°W / -43.133333; -74.316667

Caleta Zorra (meaning "Bay of foxes" in Spanish) is an enclosed, half-moon shaped inlet on the Pacific coast of Chiloé Island in Los Lagos region, southern Chile. Lying north of Punta Pabellion, it is located among Punta Zorra and Punta Barranco.[2] The nearest residential area is the township of Puerto Carmen.[3]


Areas surrounding the cove are rich natural environments. Whales such as blue whales and fin whale swim just off the bay.[4] Possibly, migrating coastal whales such as southern right whales and humpback whales occasionally appear and rest in the sheltered bay.

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