Carol Lay
Lay, photographed in 2006
Born1952 (age 71–72)
Whittier, California
Notable works
Way Lay
Good Girls
The Big Skinny
AwardsInkpot Award (1997)[1]

Carol Lay (born 1952) is an American alternative cartoonist best known for her weekly comic strip, Story Minute (later to evolve into the strip Way Lay), which ran for almost 20 years in such US papers as the LA Weekly, the NY Press, and on Salon. Lay has been drawing professionally for over 30 years. Based in Los Angeles, Lay's strips and illustrations have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Mad, Newsweek, Worth Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker.


Early life

Lay was born in Whittier, California.[2] In 1975 she graduated with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts from UCLA.[3]


After graduating from UCLA, Lay entered the comics industry at DC Comics, Western Publishing, and Eclipse Comics, while simultaneously writing and drawing underground comics for titles such as Weirdo and her own Good Girls #1–6.[3]

Lay's work, including "Story Minute" appeared in alternative newsweeklies during the 1990s.

She is the author of Mythos, a prose novel featuring Wonder Woman (DC/Pocket Books, 2003),[4] Goodnight, Irene: The Collected Stories of Irene Van de Kamp (Last Gasp, 2007), and The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude, a Memoir (Villard, 2008).[5]

From 2010 to 2013, Lay wrote and drew Simpsons stories for Bongo Comics.

In 2013, Lay created Murderville #1: "A Farewell to Armories", a self-published, small-print-run, Kickstarter-funded comic featuring twenty-four pages of story plus four front & back, outside & inside cover pages.

On January 26, 2015, Carol Lay's Lay Lines page began on GoComics with a week-long serialization of her story "The Thing Under the Futon" (January 26–30, 2015), followed by serializations of "Now, Endsville" (February 3–10, 2015) and "Invisible City" (April 12–June 26, 2015). Lay Lines has also reprinted pages from Lay's weekly newspaper comic Story Minutes, in color for the first time. New Lay Lines comics feature followups to Murderville.[6]


"Meeting Place" by Carol Lay.


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