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This is a list of recognised pioneering expeditions to Greenland that contributed to the cartography of the territory.

Expedition Year(s) Area Leader
Pining–Pothorst Expedition 1472 Southeast Greenland Didrik Pining and Hans Pothorst
Third Northwest Passage Voyage 1578 South Greenland Martin Frobisher
Danish Allday Expedition 1579 South Greenland James Allday[1]
Danish Heinason Expedition 1581 South Greenland Magnus Heinason[2][3]
John Davis' Expeditions to the Northwest Passage 1583–1587 Southwest Greenland John Davis
Christian IV's Expeditions 1605–1607 Southeast Greenland
Hall Expedition 1612 Southwest Greenland James Hall and William Baffin
English Button Expedition 1612–1613 Southwest Greenland Josias Hubert
Baffin Expedition 1616 West Greenland William Baffin
Walløe Expedition 1751–1753 Southeast Greenland Peder Olsen Walløe
Ross Expedition 1818 Northwest Greenland John Ross
Scoresby's Voyage to the Northern Whale-Fishery in the Baffin of Liverpool 1822 East Greenland William Scoresby
Commissioners for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea Expedition 1823 East Greenland Douglas Charles Clavering and Edward Sabine
Graah Expedition 1828–1830 Southeast Greenland W. A. Graah
La Lilloise Expedition 1833 Southeast Greenland Jules de Blosseville
Inglefield Expedition 1852 Northwest Greenland Edward Augustus Inglefield
First German North Polar Expedition 1868 Northeast Greenland Carl Koldewey
Second German North Polar Expedition (Germania and Hansa) 1869–1870 Northeast Greenland Carl Koldewey
British Arctic Expedition 1875–1876 North Greenland George Nares
J. A. D. Jensen Expedition 1878 Inland ice in West Greenland J. A. D. Jensen
Lady Franklin Bay Expedition 1881-1884 Nares Strait area in far northern Greenland Adolphus Greely
Umiak Expedition 1883–1885 Southeast Greenland Gustav Holm and Thomas Vilhelm Garde
Second Dickson expedition 1883 West Greenland and East Greenland at Ammasalik Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
Upernavik Mapping Expedition 1886–1887 Northwest Greenland Carl Ryder
Nansen Expedition 1888 Across the inland ice Fridtjof Nansen
Ryder's East Greenland Expedition 1891–1892 Scoresby Sund system Carl Ryder
Peary's North Greenland Expeditions 1891–1892 North Greenland Robert Peary
Swedish NW Greenland Expedition 1892 Northwest Greenland Johan Alfred Björling
Peary's North Greenland Expeditions 1893–1895 North Greenland Robert Peary
Ingolf Expedition 1895–1896 East Greenland C.F. Wandel
Peary's Arctic Club Expedition 1898–1902 North Greenland Robert Peary
Sverdrup Expedition 1898 Northwest Greenland Otto Sverdrup
Carlsbergfund Expedition to East Greenland 1898–1900 Coast between Ammassalik Island and Scoresby Sound G. C. Amdrup
Swedish Greenland Expedition to search for Andrée 1899 Northeast Greenland Alfred Gabriel Nathorst
Literary Expedition 1902–1904 Northwest Greenland Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen and Knud Rasmussen
Duke of Orléans Arctic Expedition 1905 Northeast Greenland Prince Philippe, Duke of Orléans[4]
Denmark expedition 1906–1908 Northeast Greenland Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen[5]
Alabama Expedition 1909–1912 Northeast Greenland Ejnar Mikkelsen[6]
First Thule Expedition 1912 North Greenland Knud Rasmussen and Peter Freuchen
Second Swiss Expedition 1912 Across the inland ice Alfred de Quervain
Danish Expedition to Queen Louise Land 1912–1913 Across the inland ice J.P. Koch
Second Thule Expedition 1916–1918 North Greenland Knud Rasmussen
Third Thule Expedition 1919 North Greenland Knud Rasmussen
Fourth Thule Expedition 1919–1920 East Greenland Knud Rasmussen
Bicentenary Jubilee Expedition 1921–1923 North Greenland Lauge Koch
1929–1930 Expedition to East Greenland 1929–1930 Northeast Greenland Lauge Koch
German Greenland Expedition 1930–1931 Across the inland ice Alfred Wegener[7]
British Arctic Air Route Expedition 1930–1931 East Greenland Gino Watkins
Sixth Thule Expedition 1931 Northeast Greenland Knud Rasmussen
1932–1933 Greenland expedition 1932–1933 East Greenland Gino Watkins until his death, then John Rymill
Gefion Expedition 1932 Northeast Greenland Johannes Gerhardt Jennov and Alf Trolle
Scoresby Sund Committee's 2nd East Greenland Expedition 1932 East Greenland Ejnar Mikkelsen
Three-year Expedition to East Greenland 1931–1934 East Greenland Lauge Koch[8]
British East Greenland Expedition 1935–1936 East Greenland Lawrence Wager
Cartographic Air Expedition 1938 North Greenland Lauge Koch
Mørkefjord Expedition 1938–1939 Northeast Greenland Eigil Knuth
Norwegian-French Expedition 1938–1939 Northeast Greenland Gaston Micard
Danish Peary Land Expedition.[9] 1947–1950 North Greenland Eigil Knuth
British North Greenland Expedition 1952–1954 North and Northeast Greenland James Simpson
1956–1958 Expedition to East Greenland 1958–1959 East Greenland Lauge Koch

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