Gerardus Mercator's 1595 map of the Arctic

This list of Arctic expeditions is a timeline of historic Arctic exploration and explorers of the Arctic.

15th century

16th century

The death of Willem Barentsz

17th century

Thomas Button

18th century

Vasily Chichagov

19th century

Ferdinand von Wrangel
John Rae
J. A. D. Jensen
Salomon August Andrée

Early Period (1800–1818)[edit]

Ross, Parry and Franklin (1818–1846)[edit]


1830s and 1840s[edit]

Search for Franklin (1846–1857)[edit]

Nordenskiöld Period (1857–1879)[edit]



Race for the Pole (1879–1900)[edit]

International Polar Year[edit]


20th century

Johan Peter Koch
Knud Rasmussen
Georgy Ushakov
David Scott Cowper

Amundsen and the Heroic Age (1900–1925)[edit]

Disputed Polar Claims[edit]

Byrd and the Aircraft Age (1925–1958)[edit]

Polar Conquest[edit]

Second International Polar Year[edit]


Era of Satellites, Submarines and Icebreakers (1958–onward)[edit]

21st century

Fiann Paul, Alex Gregory and Carlo Facchino ocean rowing aboard Polar Row.

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