Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now poster
GenreModern Action
Written byLau Choi Wan
Law Chung Yiu
StarringDamian Lau
Joe Ma
Idy Chan
Fala Chen
Johnson Lee
Evergreen Mak
Sharon Chan
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes20
ProducerChong Wai-kin
Running time45 minutes (approx.)
Original release
ReleaseApril 21 (2008-04-21) –
May 16, 2008 (2008-05-16)

Catch Me Now (Traditional Chinese: 原來愛上賊) is a TVB modern action series broadcast in April 2008.


Ko Chit (Damian Lau) lost his parents to an accidental fire in his teenage years, mourning with resignation until he realizes the fire was caused by a wealthy businessman's greed. Ever since then, his belief in the law has been overcome by his own morals. He gives the businessman a warning by robbing large sums of money (which he donates to various charities) and deceiving him into believing that he killed his son (who was actually unscathed). Many years pass since then, and Ko Chit has become a criminal mastermind, forming a modern-day Robin Hood thievery group consisting of 4 other members, who he had helped or saved:

Years pass with them all rich and happy, with millions donated to charities anonymously through Chit's lawyer. However, things start to get complicated when a certain drug dealer is followed up by Kong Yeung (Joe Ma), a very intelligent CID senior inspector. That same dealer has his goods targeted by Ko Chit and his team, leading to a battle of wits between Inspector Yeung and the Robin Hood group. Things become even more complicated when Yeung realizes that Chit may have been responsible for his mentor's death in a robbery that took place 5 years ago, which only adds on to his aggression for nailing Chit. But, not everything may be so clearly black and white...


Cast Role Description
Damian Lau Ko Chit (高哲)
Brother Jack (Jack哥)
Restaurant Owner
Mastermind of the Robin Hood group
Yung-yung's boyfriend
Kong Yeung's friend and enemy
Chiu Kwan Ho's enemy
Tam Bun's cousin
Killed by a novice police in a gun firing chao (original ending) / Arrested by Kong Yeung (alternative ending) in Episode 20
Joe Ma Kong Yeung (江揚)
Kong Sir (江Sir)
C.I.D. Senior Inspector
Hong Mei-Lei's husband
Kong Kiu's older brother
Kong Wing-Keung's son
Ko Chit's friend and enemy
Chiu Kwan Ho's enemy
Killed Chiu Kwan Ho in Episode 20
Idy Chan Bao Yung-Yung (包蓉蓉)
Yung-yung (蓉蓉)
Ko Chit's girlfriend
Hong Mei-Lei's friend
Hong Ying-Kit's former wife
Fala Chen Hong Mei-Lei (康美莉)
Kong Yeung's wife
Bao Yung-Yung's friend
Johnson Lee Tam Bun (譚彬)
BT (Ben Tam)
Computer technician
Hacker in the Robin Hood group
Ko Chit's cousin
Rejected by Wang Ming-Chuen
Kong Kiu's boyfriend
Died in episode 19 from an explosion set off by Chiu Kwan-Ho
Evergreen Mak Chiu Kwan-Ho (趙君豪) Greedy tycoon.
Main Villain.
Likes Minnie
Blackmailed Minnie
Ko Chit and Kong yeung's enemy
Chiu King-Shum's son
Killed Tam Bun in Episode 19
Killed by Kong yeung in Episode 20
Sharon Chan Kong Kiu (江翹)
Ah Kiu (阿翹)
Security firm consultant
Kong Yeung's younger sister
Kong Wing-Keung's daughter
Tam Bun's girlfriend
Koni Lui Wang Ming-Chuen (汪明翔)
Cherng Gert Hai (長腳蟹), "Long Leg Crab"
TV Actress & Model
Sniper of the Robin Hood group
Rejected Tam Bun, but likes him later
Eric Li (李天翔) Che Hei-Sin (車喜善)
Hao Lo (姣佬)
Taxi driver
Driver in the Robin Hood group
Wilson Tsui (艾威) Kwan Yan (關仁)
Locksmith in the Robin Hood group
Chow Suk-Moon's husband
Aimee Chan Shum On-Na (沈安娜)
C.I.D. Constable
Yau Dai-Hoi's girlfriend
Dickson Lee (李家聲) Yau Dai-Hoi (游大海)
Ah Hoi (阿海)
C.I.D. Probation Inspector, second in command of Kong's team
Shum On-Na's boyfriend
Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠) Hong Ying-Kit (韓英杰) Bao Yung-yung's former husband
Arrested by police in Episode 16 due to his participation in a bank robbery
Sherming Yiu (姚樂怡) Pinky Restaurant Manager
Likes Ko Chit
Henry Lee Cheng Sheung-Mo (鄭尚武)
Lo Cheng (老鄭)
C.I.D. Sergeant and Lau Yu-Chiu (劉宇超) best friend.
Joseph Lee (李國麟) Fan Kwok-Hin (范國軒)
Ko Chit's friend and gives him intelligence
Flora's boyfriend
Kong Hon Chiu King-Shum (趙經琛) Greedy tycoon, became a philanthropist after kidnapped by Ko Chit 25 years ago
Chiu Kwan Ho's father
Yvonne Lam (林漪娸) Flora Banker
Fan Kwok Hin's girlfriend
Law Lok-lam Lau Yu-Chiu (劉宇超) C.I.D. Sergeant / Member of the Robinhood group
Kong Yeung's mentor
Killed himself 5 years ago after hit by a car
Lo Mang Kong Wing-Keung (江永強) Kong Yeung and Kong Kiu's father
June Chan (陳琪) Chow Suk-Moon (周淑滿) Kwan Yan's wife
Kidnapped by Chiu Kwan-Ho in Episode 18, and rescued later

Alternate ending

According to the producer, the series originally had three different endings planned out, but the cast argued that the ending in which Ko Chit died would be the most memorable.[1] Thus, the official ending has Ko Chit shot by police in gun firing chaos.[2] However, as the audience wanted a perfect ending, TVB decided to create an alternate ending which became available online at five minutes after the original airing date and time of the last episode.[3]

Viewership ratings

Week Episode Average Points Peaking Points References
April 21–25, 2008 1 — 5
April 28 - May 2, 2008 6 — 10
May 5–9, 2008 11 — 15
May 12–16, 2008 16 — 20

Awards and nominations

41st TVB Anniversary Awards (2008)


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