Changamwe Constituency is an electoral constituency in Mombasa county, Kenya. It used to be one of the four constituencies in Mombasa district. With the promulgation of the new constitution in August 2010, it saw a creation of two more constituencies in Mombasa County. These are Jomvu and Nyali Constituencies which were curved out from Changamwe and Kisauni Constituencies respectively thereby bringing a total of six constituencies in 2012.

Before the curving out of Jomvu constituency from Changamwe, the constituency used to have eight wards electing Councillors for the Mombasa municipal council.It has a population of 131,882 people (2019 census).

Promulgation of New Constitution

With the promulgation of the new constitution in August 2010, the districts were renamed to Counties thus bringing a total of 47 counties in the country and the wards renamed to county assembly wards. This also saw the remapping of Changamwe Constituency boundary by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission - IEBC as mandated by the New Constitution.

Changamwe Constituency has five county assembly wards namely: Airport; Chaani; Kipevu; Miritini and Port Reitz [1]

High Court Ruling

Following the petitions made by the Changamwe constituents against the manner in which IEBC handled the delimitation of the constituency, the High Court ruled in favor of the people on 9 July 2012. In the ruling carried out by the 5 High court sitting judges, they ordered IEBC to rename Magongo ward as Changamwe ward and move it to Changamwe Constituency; at the same time the IEBC was ordered to move Miritini ward to Jomvu Constituency.

Changamwe now has the following county assembly wards: Changamwe ward, Chaani ward, Airport ward, Kipevu ward and Port Reitz ward.

Historical Perspective

Members of Parliament

Elections MP [2] Party Notes
1969 David M. Kioko KANU One-party system
1974 Ferdinard Mwaro KANU One-party system
1979 David M. Kioko KANU One-party system
1983 Joseph Kennedy Kiliku KANU One-party system
1988 Joseph Kennedy Kiliku KANU One-party system
1992 Joseph Kennedy Kiliku DP
1997 Ramadhan Seif Kajembe KANU
2002 Ramadhan Seif Kajembe NARC
2007 Ramadhan Seif Kajembe ODM
2013 Omar Mwinyi ODM
2017 Omar Mwinyi ODM
2022 Shimbwa Omar Mwinyi ODM

Locations and wards

Location Population*
Changamwe 11,346
Kipevu 44,720
Mikindani 32,485
Miritini 31,485
Port Reitz 54,084
Tudor 27,225
Total x
1999 census.[3][4]
Ward Registered Voters
Changamwe 15,887
Jomvu Kuu 8,457
Kipevu 11,920
Mikindani 11,718
Miritini 7,903
Port Reitz 14,980
Tudor Estate 7,166
Tudor Four 9,228
Total 87,259
*September 2005.[5]


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