Chicago Bulls College Prep
2040 W. Adams Street


United States
School typePublic Secondary Charter
PrincipalMark Hamstra
Enrollment1,099 (2017-18)
Campus typeUrban
Color(s)  Red
WebsiteChicago Bulls College Prep

Chicago Bulls College Prep (CBCP) is a public four-year charter high school located on the Near West Side of Chicago, Illinois. It is a part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools. It is named after the Chicago Bulls basketball team, which endowed the school.[1]

Chicago Bulls College Prep is a level 1+ school, based on CPS rankings.[2]

The building was formerly known as McKinley High School - one notable attendee in 1917 was Walt Disney.[3]

The school opened in August 2009.[4]


The school has an average graduation rate of 82%.[5]

In 2017, it was reported that all students in the senior class that year and since 2013 had been accepted to colleges and 50% of them dropped out.[6]


The school is a member of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA).[7]

Discipline and controversy

As with other Noble Charter schools in Chicago, in 2012-13 Chicago Bulls College Prep expelled and suspended a larger proportion of students than public schools in Chicago. The school expelled 1.75% of its students in the year, compared to 0.05% of students in Chicago public schools, and suspended 38.5% of students compared to 9% of students in public schools.[8]

The school has been criticised for charging parents for their children's disciplinary offences.[9][10]

In 2016, a parent reported that the school had discouraged her son from applying to an historically black college.[11]


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