A Celtic cross with a pentacle within, representing Christopaganism

Christo-Paganism is a syncretic new religious movement defined by the combination of Christian and neopagan philosophies.

Beliefs and practices

Christo-Paganism is a set of beliefs held by some neopagans that encompasses Christian teachings. Christo-Pagans may identify as witches,[1][2] druids,[3][4] or animists.[5] Most, but not all, worship the Christian God.[1] Some Christo-Pagans may consider the Virgin Mary to be a goddess, or a form of the Goddess.[1][6][7][8] Christo-Pagans typically believe in the divinity of Jesus, and that Christian and neopagan beliefs are not mutually exclusive.[3][9][10] Some Christians who convert to neopaganism are hesitant to entirely give up their original faiths, and become Christo-Pagans.[11]

Some Christo-Pagans use rosaries and prayer beads,[2] and pray to non-Christian deities, such as Persephone.[7][8] Some may also practice ceremonial magic or magick.[2][10] There are Christian priests who identify as Christo-Pagan.[3][4]

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