Coat of arms of Eswatini
ArmigerKing Mswati III
CrestA Crown of feathers proper
TorseAzure and Or
ShieldAzure, a Swazi battle shield with decorations, all proper
SupportersTo the dexter, a Lion and to the sinister an Elephant, both proper
"We Are The Fortress"

The coat of arms of Eswatini is a coat of arms depicting various symbols for traditional Eswatini culture. The lion represents the King of Eswatini and the elephant represents the Queen-mother. They support a traditional Nguni shield which represents "protection", the palm leaves represent a traditional crown of Swatinian. Above the shield is the King's lidlabe, or crown of feathers, normally worn during Incwala (the festival of the harvest). On a banner below the shield is Eswatini's national motto, Siyinqaba, meaning, "We are the fortress".


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