Coat of arms of the Republic of the Congo
ArmigerRepublic of the Congo
Adopted1960 (readopted in 1991)
CrestA special forest crown. On the circle or of the forest crown: "République du Congo" in letters gules upon a scroll or.
ShieldOr, a fess wavy Vert, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Vert, overall, maintaining a torch Sable flamed Gules.
SupportersTwo war elephants sable tusked or, issuing from the flanks of the shield
CompartmentA tree trunk gules
MottoUnité, Travail, Progrès
"Unity, Work, Progress"

The coat of arms of the Republic of the Congo has a shield with a rampant red lion holding a torch. The background color of the shield is gold with a green, wavy, horizontal stripe along the middle. A golden crown sits above the shield. Two large African war elephants support the shield. A banner with the national motto "Unité Travail Progrès" ("Unity, Work, Progress" translated from "La Congolaise") is draped from a bar supporting the war elephants. The arms were adopted in 1960 and readopted in 1991 after having been replaced with a simpler, unheraldic symbol during the People's Republic of the Congo era from 1970–1991.

Official description

The coat of arms is described as follows:[1]

Historical symbols