Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited
Simplified Chinese都市丽人(中国)控股有限公司
Traditional Chinese都市麗人(中國)控股有限公司
Shop in Suzhou

Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited (HKSE: 2298), doing business as Cosmo Lady (simplified Chinese: 都市丽人; traditional Chinese: 都市麗人; pinyin: Dūshì Lìrén; Jyutping: dou1 si5 lai6 jan4; lit. 'City Beauty') is a Chinese company, headquartered in Dongguan, that manufactures underwear; As of 2019 it is the largest such company in the country.[1] In 2014 it was the largest such company, if operating revenue is the method of measurement, with its own brand.[2] It operates some retail shops selling its own products.[1] As of 2014 Zheng Yaonan (郑耀南; 鄭耀南) is the chairperson.[3]


The brand was established in 1998 and the current corporation was established in 2009.[4]

Historically the company sold only women's underwear. In 2014 the company had considered steps to also begin selling such products for male consumers.[3] That year it made an initial public offering and effective 26 June 2014 was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE).[2]

In 2019 there was an expected loss of 140 million USD, and possible plans to close retail stores.[1]

Corporate affairs

Its head office, the City Beauty Industrial Park (都市丽人工业园; 都市麗人工業園),[4] is in Fengdeling Village (凤德岭村; 鳳德嶺村; Fèngdélǐngcūn; fung6 dak1 ling5 cyun1), Fenggang Town, Dongnan District, Dongguan.[5] It moved to its current headquarters in 2010.[4]

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