Cover of the first Marvel issue.
Publication information
PublisherEclipse Comics
Epic Comics
First appearanceEclipse Magazine #2 (1981)
Created bySteve Englehart (Writer)
Marshall Rogers (Artist)
Coyote (comics)

Coyote is an American comic book series created by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers.

Publication history

The characters first appeared in Eclipse Magazine #2–8. It would later be reprinted in a color trade paperback, I Am Coyote.

Afterwards, a new comic book series started at Marvel Comics Epic Comics line, that ran 16 issues. It was notable for the first published work of Todd McFarlane. According to Epic editor-in-chief Archie Goodwin, artist Steve Leialoha's departure after issue #2 caused deadline problems from which the series never fully recovered, leading to its early cancellation.[1]

Collected editions

The original Eclipse & Epic series has been reprinted in a series of collections from Image Comics:

  1. Coyote Collection (reprints Eclipse Magazine #2–8, plus Scorpio Rose #1–3)
  2. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #1–4)
  3. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #5–8, including Djinn backup series)
  4. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #9–12, including Djinn & Scorpio Rose backup series)
  5. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #13–16, including Scorpio Rose backup series)


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