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Creek Street

Creek Street from Queen Street intersection.
Creek Street, Brisbane is located in Queensland
Creek Street
Creek Street
General information

Creek Street is a major street in the central business district of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The street follows a one-way south–north direction, starting at the beginning of Charlotte Street and cutting through Elizabeth Street, Queen Street, Adelaide Street, and Ann Street before coming to an end at Turbot Street in the northern end of the CBD. Creek Street was named for the filled-in creek over which it was constructed,[1][2] and is an exception to the convention of parallel streets in the CBD being named after male royals.[1][3][4]


Map showing the route of the now-underground creek which gives Creek Street, Brisbane its name, 2015

In 2008 it was announced that the Brisbane City Council was going to convert the street into a two-way road to improve traffic flow in the CBD as part of its Town Reach project. Doubts emerged later in the year due to cost blowouts and traffic planners who questioned the new design's effectiveness.[5] After traffic tests proved the new design was not feasible, the plan was put on hold indefinitely.[6]

Heritage listings

Creek Street has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

Financial district

The street is part of the emerging financial district known as the "Golden Triangle". The street is lined with a wall of skyscrapers of 100m or more in height including:

Major intersections

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