Diaoshuilou Falls
Diaoshuilou Falls is located in Heilongjiang
Diaoshuilou Falls
Diaoshuilou Falls is located in China
Diaoshuilou Falls
Coordinates44°03′16.6″N 128°56′31.7″E / 44.054611°N 128.942139°E / 44.054611; 128.942139
Total height20 metres (66 ft)
Total width40 metres (130 ft)
RunMudan River

The Diaoshuilou Falls (Chinese: 吊水楼瀑布; pinyin: Diàoshuǐlóu Pùbù) are a 40 metres (130 ft) wide waterfall in Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China at the northern end of Lake Jingpo. The cascade is at its most impressive during the wetter summer months whilst in winter it freezes into a curtain of ice.[1][2]


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