DoCoMoMo Key Scottish Monuments is a list of 60 notable post-war buildings in Scotland, compiled in 1993 by the international architectural conservation organisation DoCoMoMo.

The buildings date from the period 1945–1970, and were selected by a panel as being significant examples of architectural style, building materials and location. The purpose was in part to raise the profile of post-war architecture, and to "demonstrate that architecture, as an art, flourished during those years".[1] The list was the basis for an exhibition at the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, aimed at introducing some of these buildings as "heritage". The predominant view of post-war architecture, and of many modernist buildings in particular, was not favourable in the UK at the time, and the list was intended to inform the statutory listing of significant works.[1] Some of the buildings, for example Notre Dame High School, had already been listed by Historic Scotland before the DoCoMoMo list was compiled,[2] and several more have been designated since, including several at Category A, as "buildings of national or international importance".[3]

The list includes a wide range of structures, from large industrial plants, to small private houses, and covers the diversity of building types that were constructed during the period. Not all the buildings have survived: two of the most prominent casualties have been Basil Spence's Hutchesontown C complex in Glasgow, demolished in 1993, and Gillespie, Kidd & Coia's St. Peter's Seminary in Cardross, which has been derelict since the late 1980s.


Building Location Date Architect Notes
Anderston Centre Industrial Zone Glasgow 1969 Jack Holmes and Partners
Andrew Melville Hall of Residence, University of St Andrews St Andrews 1967 James Stirling Category A listed [4]
Arts Tower and Faculty Building, University of Dundee Dundee 1961 Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners Category B listed [5]
Avisfield Cramond, Edinburgh 1957 Morris and Steedman Category B listed [6]
Bernat Klein House and Studio Scottish Borders 1957 (house) 1972 (studio) Peter Womersley Both buildings Category A listed [7][8]
Chessel's Court redevelopment Royal Mile, Edinburgh 1966 Robert Hurd Category A/B listed [9][10][11]
Crathie Drive Development Glasgow 1952 Ronald Bradbury
Cumbernauld New Town original housing areas (Kildrum, Park, Carbrain, Ravenswood, Seafar, Muirhead) North Lanarkshire 1974 Cumbernauld Development Corporation and others
Cumbernauld Town Centre Phase 1 Cumbernauld 1967 Geoffrey Copcutt Partly demolished
Dollan Baths East Kilbride 1968 A Buchanan Campbell Category A listed [12]
Dounreay Experimental Research Establishment Highland 1958 R S Brocklesby Currently being decommissioned
Dysart redevelopment (Phases 1-3) Fife 1971 Wheeler and Sproson
Eaglais Mathair nan Dorainn (Church of Our Lady of Sorrows) Gearraidh na Monadh, South Uist 1965 Richard J McCarron Category B listed [13]
Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary, Ward Unit and Operating Theatre Suite Falkirk 1966 Keppie, Henderson and Partners
Fishermen's Houses Dunbar, East Lothian 1952 Basil Spence
Forth Road Bridge and Control Building Firth of Forth 1964 Sir Giles Scott, Son and Partners, with Mott, Hay and Anderson (engineers) Category A listed [14]
Gallowgate redevelopment Aberdeen 1966 G McI Keith, City Architect
Glasgow Inner Ring Road, North and West Flanks Glasgow 1971 Scott Wilson Kilpatrick (engineers), W Holford Now part of the M8 motorway
Glasgow University Library and Hunterian Art Gallery Glasgow 1965 William Whitfield
Gray's School of Art Aberdeen 1968 D Michael A Shewan
Heddell's Park and Annsbrae Housing Scheme Lerwick, Shetland 1959 Richard Moira and B L C Moira
Heron House Glasgow 1971 Derek Stephenson and Partners Converted into The Pinnacle residential building in 2001
Hunterston A nuclear power station North Ayrshire 1964 General Electric Company / Simon-Carves Ltd (design consortium) / Howard V Lobb and Partners (consulting architects)
Hutchesontown Area 'C' Gorbals, Glasgow 1966 Basil Spence Demolished 12 September 1993
Kildrum Primary School Cumbernauld 1962 Gillespie, Kidd & Coia fire-damaged and subsequently demolished with exception of nursery block
Kincardine Power Station Kincardine-on-Forth, Fife 1963 Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners Demolished
Kirkcaldy Town House Kirkcaldy, Fife 1956 David Carr Category B listed,[15] designed in the 1930s but not built until after WW2
Lanark County Buildings (now South Lanarkshire Council Headquarters) Hamilton 1964 D G Bannerman Category A listed [16]
Leith Fort development Leith, Edinburgh 1966 Shaw-Stewart, Baikie and Perry Demolished 2012–2013
Awe Hydro-Electric Project (Ben Cruachan Section) Loch Awe, Argyll and Bute 1965 J Williamson (engineer)
Lourdes Secondary School Glasgow 1957 Thomas Cordiner
Meadowside Granary Extension Glasgow 1967 Clyde Navigation Trust / L G Mouchel and Partners Demolished
Monktonhall Colliery Newcraighall, East Lothian 1965 Egon Riss Demolished
Moredun temporary housing area Moredun, Edinburgh 1949 J A W Grant / City Architect / Sam Bunton
Mortonhall Crematorium Mortonhall, Edinburgh 1967 Basil Spence Category A listed [17]
National Library of Scotland Edinburgh 1955 Reginald Fairlie Category A listed,[18] construction began in the 1930s, but not completed until after WW2
New Club Princes Street, Edinburgh 1969 Alan Reiach Category A listed [19]
Notre Dame High School Glasgow 1953 Thomas Cordiner Category A listed,[2] designed before the war
Paisley Civic Centre Paisley, Renfrewshire 1971 Hutchison Locke and Monck
Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling Stirling 1967 Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners Category A listed [20]
Plant Houses, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 1967 George Pearce Category A listed [21]
Pollock Halls of Residence Edinburgh 1959 Rowand Anderson, Kininmonth and Paul Category A listed [22]
Ravenscraig steelworks Motherwell 1957 Colvilles/British Steel Corporation Demolished 1993
Red Road development Glasgow 1969 Sam Bunton and Associates Demolished 2015
Robert the Bruce statue and rotunda Bannockburn, Stirling 1964 Charles d'Orville Pilkington Jackson (sculptor) Category A listed [23]
Royal Commonwealth Pool Edinburgh 1970 Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners Category A listed [24]
St. Bride's Church East Kilbride 1964 Gillespie, Kidd & Coia Category A listed,[25] campanile demolished 1987
St. Lawrence's Church Greenock 1954 Gillespie, Kidd & Coia Category A listed [26]
St. Paul's Church Glenrothes, Fife 1957 Gillespie, Kidd & Coia Category A listed [27]
St. Peter's College Cardross, Argyll and Bute 1966 Gillespie, Kidd & Coia Category A listed,[28] currently derelict
St. Peter's Street redevelopment Peterhead, Aberdeenshire 1971 Baxter, Clark and Paul Demolished
St. Teresa's Church Glasgow 1960 Alexander McAnally and Partners Category B listed [29]
Scottish Provident Institution St Andrew Square, Edinburgh 1969 Rowand Anderson, Kininmonth and Paul Demolished in July 2014 [30]
Sighthill Health Centre Sighthill, Edinburgh 1953 Robert Gardner-Medwin
Smithycroft Road Secondary School Glasgow 1967 A G Jury Demolished
Stow College of Building and Printing / Stow College of Distributive Trades (now part of The Glasgow School of Art) Glasgow 1964 Wylie, Shanks and Underwood
Turnhouse Airport Terminal Edinburgh Airport 1956 Robert Matthew Demolished in 1995
University of Edinburgh redevelopment George Square, Edinburgh 1967 Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall, Basil Spence, Glover and Ferguson, and Reiach, Hall and Partners
Transplantation Surgery Unit, Western General Hospital Edinburgh 1963 Peter Womersley
Vale of Leven Hospital Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire 1955 Keppie, Henderson and Partners


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