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Duchess of York is the principal courtesy title held by the wife of the Duke of York. Three of the eleven Dukes of York either did not marry or had already assumed the throne prior to marriage, while two of the Dukes married twice; therefore, there have been only ten Duchesses of York.

Duchesses of York

The ten Duchesses of York (and the dates the individuals held that title):

Person Name Birth Marriage Became Duchess of York Spouse Change in style Death
Infanta Isabella of Castile 1355 11 July 1372 6 August 1385 Edmund of Langley 23 December 1392
Lady Joan Holland 1380 4 November 1393 1 August 1402
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of York
12 April 1434
Philippa de Mohun before 7 October 1398 1 August 1402 Edward of Norwich 25 October 1415
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of York
17 July 1431
Lady Cecily Neville 3 May 1415 October 1429 (or earlier) Richard Plantagenet 30 December 1460
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of York
31 May 1495
Anne de Mowbray 10 December 1472 15 January 1478 Richard of Shrewsbury 19 November 1481
Anne Hyde 12 March 1637 3 September 1660 James Stuart 31 March 1671
Princess Mary of Modena 5 October 1658 21 November 1673 6 February 1685
Husband acceded to throne as James II;
became Queen Consort
7 May 1718
Frederica Charlotte of Prussia 7 May 1767 29 September 1791 Prince Frederick 6 August 1820
Princess Victoria Mary of Teck 26 May 1867 6 July 1893 Prince George 6 May 1910
Husband acceded to throne as George V;
became Queen consort
24 March 1953
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon 4 August 1900 26 April 1923 Prince Albert 11 December 1936
Husband acceded to throne as George VI;
became Queen consort
30 March 2002
Sarah Ferguson 15 October 1959 23 July 1986 Prince Andrew 30 May 1996
assumed the style of Sarah, Duchess of York

In 1791, Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia (1791–1820) married Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (second son of King George III); she thus became HRH The Duchess of York and Albany. Her husband held one double dukedom (of York and Albany) rather than two. The Duchess received a warm welcome to Great Britain but following a troubled relationship with her husband, the couple separated. The two previous dukes of York and Albany had never married; since her husband was the last duke of York and Albany, Frederica was the only duchess with that double title.

Duchess of York eponyms




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